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See What A-Listers Are Using at Yacht Parties This Summer!

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Since almost everyone goes barefoot on yachts, experienced crews work hard to minimize the presence of breakables onboard.  But how do you stay safe while making sure that your uberprivileged guests feel pampered?

The secret, for countless A-listers like Steven Spielberg, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco, is a new kind of acrylic glassware that looks and feels like crystal, but doesn’t break.

Developed by Italian designer Mario Luca Giusti,  it’s so stunning that even seasoned yacht-setters are often surprised when they hear it’s not crystal.  And paired with the latest in unbreakable dinnerware, they make an irresistibly smart combination.

Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti admiring the pieces at Mario Luca Giusti in St Tropez:

A lunch table set with Corallo blue melamine dinnerware, Lente acrylic blue barware,and Dolce Vita acrylic white stemware.


Entertaining outdoors with Milly acrylic barware in amber, green, and blue.  Perfect for including the little ones, who won’t have to worry about breaking any glasses.


Recreating a garden setting with Dolce Vita acrylic stemware in violet:


Lunch poolside with Lente acrylic salad bowls in blue and white, Dolce Vita acrylic stemware in blue, Double Face acrylic tumbler in blue/green, and a stunning Mafalda clear flatware holder.


Oh, and in case you thought acrylic and melamine were just for daytime, you’ll be surprised at how good these pieces really are.  Here’s a shot Mario’s pieces being used at the Italian Embassy in Paris:

12 novembre 2015, Mario Luca Giusti all’ Ambasciata italiana di Parigi
© 2015 Guglielmo de’ Micheli

Time for a dip.  Cheers (Lente acrylic tumbler in white)!

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