Care and Precautions for Porcelain

Porcelain is a material that is perfectly suited to everyday life. It can safely be put in the dishwasher, which will not hurt the decoration, but give it a radiant shine. Great care must be taken when putting a porcelain dish in the oven. 1400°C fired porcelain can withstand your oven's 300°C, but not thermal shocks. When you take it out of the oven, do not run cold water on it and avoid putting it on a cold surface, lay it on a wooden or material-covered surface, or on a cloth. As for microwave ovens, you must make sure there is no metal (gold or platinum) on the decoration - Raynaud does not today make decorations with microwave-proof fake metal. Only white or color decorations can go in the microwave. Be creative in your use of the various pieces, for instance... a presen- tation plate can be used as a single-dish dinner plate, as a cake plate, a cheese plate... the dessert plate is perfect for an appetizer or cheese, the fruitcake dish is ideal for "pâté" and also "canapés", "petit-fours" and smoked salmon. The soup tureen is today used for soup, "consommés", "bouillabaisse", "pot-au-feu", pasta... all the convivial and generous dishes. Salad bowls are also very practical for pasta, risotto... sauceboats can be used for fruit sauces. Exotic cuisine is very fashionable, and if you don't have a Thai dinner every night, remember that the bowls will look lovely filled with "hors d'?uvres" or sauce, and the cups can turn into sugar bowls.

How to Care for Denim (Tips for Darks and Whites)

In L.A., wearing jeans is practically a requirement.  We invest a lot in our denim, so we’ve learned how to care of it.  Here are our tried-and-true formulas.
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What Size Tablecloth Do I Need?

We’ve made this even simpler with our Tablecloth Finder, which does all the math for you!  Try it now.

We get asked this question all the time, so we’ve put together this really simple guide.

1) First, measure the length and width of your table.  If you have a round table, just measure all the way across the top.

For example, let’s say your table is 48 in x 106 in.
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Getting Social with Your Decorating: Pinterest, Houzz, and Polyvore

The Internet is an exciting place these days for decorators.  Here are three of our favorite ways to help you find products, organize them, and get inspired. is like a virtual bulletin board; we use it often for decorating or party planning. You can pin photos from almost any website, comment on them, and share them with friends. You can also allow others to join in, so you can help your sister design her wedding reception even if you live across the country.
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Expert Tip: How to Decorate Using Mirrors as Windows

We love this expert tip from interior designer Susan Ferrier of McAlpine, Booth, & Ferrier via House Beautiful:

“Mirrors are one of my favorite objects for giving a room character.  A large-scale mirror creates a generous window.  Don’t be afraid to stretch the idea of it.  Lean it against the wall.  Distress and age the glass to create a textured atmosphere.  Have the audacity to cover some of the mirror with a suspended piece of art or an architectural fragment: it will compel you to stop and take notice.”

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