A Trip Without the Flight: The John Robshaw Bath and Beach Collections Have Arrived!

Late last year, we traveled to Marrakech, and it was a revelation.  Behind dusty doors, we got to peek inside lavishly planted courtyards full of bright pink bougainvillea, olive groves, and lemon trees.  Imagine waking up to this after hours and hours of flying:

The pool and courtyard at L’Hotel Marrakech (courtesy hotel)

These gardens,  combined with a spectacular mix of colorful fabrics and tiles, antique rugs, and the scent of rose blossoms everywhere, created an atmosphere that was intoxicatingly beautiful.  It was such a treat to have a drink here after a hot day outdoors!

The bar at L’Hotel Marrakech (courtesy hotel)

Even the bathrooms were little jewel boxes, lit up at night:

Bathroom at L’Hotel Marrakech (courtesy hotel)

It was truly a life-changing experience, which we wanted to bring home.  Construction was out of the question (we – gasp – just finished an 18-month project!), and after all our holiday parties, we really just wanted something that we could pull of easily, but that would make a difference every single day.

Enter John Robshaw.  John, as many of you know, is really well known for his love of Indian and Southeast Asian patterns, done up in his signature painterly way.

Courtesy John Robshaw

And what he’s doing for the bath is exactly what we were looking for.  Something exotic and vibrant, but without the need to get on a flight.

Take a look at these highlights from John Robshaw’s Spring 2018 bath and beach collections.

Here’s the Aloka Coral shower curtain, surrounded by Kalasin Lotus towels and a smattering of John’s signature bath rugs.

Combine this with the Lakki bath accessories, available in coral, indigo, or linen:

Or if you like blue, go with his Jalati Indigo bath towels and matching shower curtain:

And inspired by John’s safari in Kenya, who wouldn’t love his Masai Mara beach towel?  It’s guaranteed to make you smile and take you on a trip around the world without ever leaving home.

To see John Robshaw’s bath and beach collections, click here.  We’d love to hear which one’s your favorite!


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