The Joy of Sleeping on Pure Linen Sheets

Have you ever slept on linen sheets?  If you’ve stayed in really exclusive hotels across Europe, you probably have, but there’s no need to break the bank in order to enjoy something countless numbers of Europeans enjoy night after night.   To them, nothing else feels quite right, and once you’ve slept on linen, you’ll know what they mean.
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Libeco Home’s New Belgian Stripe Table Linens

In keeping with our simpler times, Libeco Home’s table linen collections are fresh, pure, and very relaxed.  Every piece is made from Belgian linen, so they are highly absorbent, lint-free, and non-allergenic.  They’re perfect for use this season, and  since they get softer with every wash, we can see them going from the table to the washing machine and back again.
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Our Best-Selling Campagna Table Linens Are 40% Off

We’ve just come back from New York and we’ll soon be showing you many of the great new items we’ll be offering at Gracious Style this year.

But first, we have to make room.  So this week, we are featuring our best-selling Campagna table linens at 40% off.  Campagna is very special to us.  It’s made for Gracious Style in a small workroom in Italy and we love its silky hand and the subtle design in the background.  It’s made from pure Egyptian cotton and it is available in champagne (with an ivory background) or soft white.  Both are classics.

If you’ve loved this fine Italian hemstitched cotton collection, don’t wait.  We just have a few pieces left.

Campagna Fine Italian Hemstitched Table Linens

And if you are looking for a new set of dinnerware, Campagna looks great with our Maintenon Patine dinnerware:

Maintenon Patine Dinnerware

Have a great weekend!

Gracious Style is an online retailer of sophisticated, high-quality products for every room in the house.  We love helping others create warm and welcoming rooms for themselves.  To read more, visit our blog.

Chic Spring Dinnerware from Raynaud

Although snow is still falling in much of the country, in L.A. the rains have stopped and the sun is shining brightly.  We’ve spent the last two weeks planting  in our yard and lots of birds have kept us company.  The trees in our neighborhood are stripped of leaves, but there is something very moving about seeing the sculptural shapes of trees during winter.

Which got us to thinking … usually, spring dinnerware is full of color and flowers, but what if we could find something that’s more timeless?  Something that would work all year long?

Happily, Raynaud has two new lines of dinnerware that fit the bill.

The Ombrages Limoges dinnerware collection is a stylish, modern take on a classic floral pattern. From the French ombrages, meaning “shadows”, the playful design evokes the movement of light and shadows in a summer garden. Exquisitely crafted by French artisans following age-old techniques, every piece in the collection is slightly different, lending the entire setting a custom look.  The black, platinum, and yellow colors remind us of Kelly Wearstler’s designs.

Raynaud Ombrages Limoges Dinnerware

Raynaud Ombrages Limoges Dinnerware

And if you like birds, the Bird Limoges dinnerware collection is whimsical, yet refined. It’s available in a neutral palette of grey, taupe, and celadon, so it would work well if you lean toward antiques and weathered pieces.

Raynaud Birds Limoges Dinnerware

Raynaud Birds Limoges Dinnerware

Gracious Style is an online retailer of sophisticated, high-quality products for every room in the house.  We love helping others create warm and welcoming rooms for themselves.  To read more, visit our blog.

A Sneak Peek At Spring: Exquisite Flowers From Raynaud

Springtime is still a long time away, but we have a wonderful pick-me-up for you. If you’re dreaming of April flowers, take a look at these bright, beautiful new plates, mugs and trays from Raynaud.

Fleur Exquise is French for “exquisite flower” and we think they are very appropriately named! Available in four richly colored flowers, the designs remind us of French Impressionist paintings. They’re sure to banish your winter blues.

Go grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with some gorgeous flowers. We’ll wait for you.

Raynaud Fleur Exquise Nasturtium


Raynaud Fleur Exquise Crocus


Raynaud Fleur Exquise Hibiscus


Raynaud Fleur Exquise Peony


Feel less blue now? Why not send this to a friend and brighten their day as well! Springtime will arrive soon, but for now enjoy some spring dreams.