Jungle Embroidered White Table Linens

A Parisian Find: Hand-Embroidered Linens from Renaissance Paris

In the 8th arrondissement in Paris near the elegant Musee Nissim de Camondo, there’s a small shop devoted to hand-embroidered linens, like the ones the fashionable Camondos would have enjoyed during their heyday.  And even though the space is small, you’ll quickly see why the Palais de l’Elysee (the official residence of the President of France), the Ritz Paris, and designer Jacques Garcia all turn to Celine Perrin-Davy’s Renaissance Paris for their custom embroidered linens.

Renaissance Paris Hortensia White Embroidered Table Linens

Hortensia White Hand-Embroidered Table Linens

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A selection of laguiole knives

Returning to Laguiole … the Birthplace of the Classic French Pocket Knife

Thirty years ago, a group of knife-lovers in southern France were worried that the skills for making their traditional knives were going to be lost.  After all, who still cared about bone-handled hunting knives once used by traveling shepherds in Spain?  Apparently, Philippe Starck did.  As did the French government, which recognized that these were irreplaceable treasures.  So with their help, this little group of artisans started a thriving business making these knives.

In an era of mass-market production, this seemed like an impossible dream, but through the efforts of those folks, today this company – Forge de Laguiole – makes the highest-quality Laguiole implements in the world.  And every piece is completely made, from beginning to end, in the place where it all started: the original village of Laguiole.

Village of Laguiole

Village of Laguiole

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Nomad Collection by Kim Seybert

Video: The Lotus Layered Napkin Fold

Kim Seybert’s table settings are so gorgeous that you practically don’t even need food to have a party. Part of her secret is knowing how to add volume to her napkins.

For the lotus layered napkin fold below, all you need are:

1) One organza napkin
2) One regular napkin
3) One napkin ring

Nomad Collectionhttps://www.graciousstyle.com/blogs/wp-admin/post.php?post=21220&action=edit#edit_timestamp by Kim Seybert

Nomad Collection by Kim Seybert

And to learn how to put them together, just follow the instructions in the video below. We promise you everyone will be impressed.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan; image Ronald Reagan Presidential Library/Getty Images

Mottahedeh: At Home with President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan

As an actor who became one of our most beloved Presidents, Ronald Reagan brought a new sense of style and glamour to the White House.  Ronald Reagan wanted the country to feel optimistic again, and Nancy Reagan dressed to reflect this:

Reagans Inauguration

The Reagans at the 1981 Inaugural; image telegraph.co.uk

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Galea Flatware by Christofle

The Definitive Guide to Christofle Flatware

Founded in 1830, Christofle is the most renowned name in French flatware.  Whether contemporary or classic, whether its contours are rounded or architectural,  Christofle flatware is manufactured to exacting standards: Every piece of Christofle flatware must pass through 52 people, an impressive process known as “100 hands.”  Amazingly, they’re also easy to use — every piece of Christofle flatware is designed to be dishwasher safe.

Jardin d'Eden Flatware by Christofle

Jardin d’Eden Flatware by Christofle

Each Christofle pattern has a fascinating story behind its design and creation.  Here, we’d like to share the stories behind all of Christofle’s current flatware collections with you.

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