The Secret Behind Sferra’s Easy-Care Tablecloths

Some of our most popular table linens are the easy-care Orchard and Juliet collections from Sferra, and for good reason.

They feel so soft they are often mistaken for pure cotton and they don’t require ironing – perfect for the busy hostess.

We’re often asked about how they work. What’s so special about them that makes them easy-care?

We learned the answer from Sferra.

Both collections use ring-spun polyester yarns, which are stronger and more durable than the commonly used open end yarns.

Producing open end yarns is faster and less expensive, while producing ring-spun yarns is more expensive and takes up to five times longer. In the ring-spun process, the yarn is made by continuously twisting and thinning the strands. This twisting results in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand.

Ring-spun yarn gives our Orchard and Juliet tablecloths many good qualities:

  • They are more resistant to dirt
  • The colors stay rich and vibrant with no fading
  • They are twice as strong as tablecloths made from open-end yarns
  • They resist tearing and pilling, so they look beautiful for longer
  • They don’t wrinkle easily, so you don’t have to iron them

The ring-spun yarn also creates a lighter and softer tablecloth, with a more luxurious drape. Juliet is a great example – the tablecloths could easily be mistaken for cotton, they drape so beautifully.

Below is a close-up image of Juliet, with its elegant lattice pattern, stocked in Fern, Ivory, Ocean, Persimmon, Taupe (shown), and White:


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Video: Watch How French Knot Table Linens are Hand Embroidered

Our popular Sferra French Knot table linens feature tiny white flowers that are intricately hand-embroidered using French knots. A French knot is an embroidery technique in which the yarn is knotted around itself like this:

French Knot Stitch

French Knot Stitch

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What Size Tablecloth Do I Need?

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We get asked this question all the time, so we’ve put together this really simple guide.

1) First, measure the length and width of your table.  If you have a round table, just measure all the way across the top.

For example, let’s say your table is 48 in x 106 in.
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