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We moved and broke a few plates and bowls. I was heartbroken and thrilled to find them in stock at this site.
Written by Pamela L. on Aug 14, 2023 about Jars Tourron Ecorce Dessert Plate 20Cm
This is replacement of a the same platter I bought locally that was broken. I love this platter so much that I searched everywhere to replace it. Nice size and beautiful color way.
Written by Leslie G. on Dec 5, 2022 about Jars Plume Atoll Rect Platter 41 x 26.5 cm
Love this plate! It’s neutral colors go with any table I wish to set.
Written by Cathy C. on May 6, 2022 about Jars Plume Perle Dinner Plate Lg 26 cm
Very nice cruet.
Written by Albert M. on Mar 10, 2022 about Jars Tourron Traditional Neige Oil/Vinegar Bottle 0.5L
Product is excellent. Superb. The vendor (Jars) is excellent. Gracious style is horrible
Written by Randi G. on Dec 26, 2021 about Jars Wabi Kemuri Bread And Butter Plate 15 Cm
Jars - Manufacture is excellent. Gracious style for distributor is horrible
Written by Randi G. on Dec 26, 2021 about Jars Wabi Kemuri Dinner Plate 27X30Cm
Beautiful. Just the ones we wanted to replace the broken dishes in our set.
Written by Barbara S. on Sep 6, 2021 about Jars Tourron Samoa Soup Plate 19Cm
I love this product! I have bought them for myself and 2 as gifts and they are always well received and well made.
Written by Loren F. on Jul 19, 2021 about Jars Tourron Traditional Cerise Oil/Vinegar Bottle 0.5L
They were as I expected
Written by Locoya H. on Mar 26, 2021 about Jars Wabi Noir Deep Plate 26 cm
Happy I found these. Love the other four I had and now I've got enough to break one and not worry.
Written by Teri A. on Oct 13, 2020 about Jars Tourron Orange Dinner Plate 26Cm