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Guide to Choosing the Right Drinkware

Beer mug - Traditional beer containers with a handle; perfect for toasting.

Brandy Snifter - A short-stemmed glass with a large, wide-bottomed bowl and a narrow top designed to concentrate the odors at the top while the hands warm the brandy or cognac.

Champagne flute - Tall, narrow, tulip-shaped glass designed to enhance the longevity of bubbles in sparkling wines. Also known as flutes.

Cordial - Small, stemmed glasses used for serving small portions of liquor; usually used after meals.

Double Old-fashioned - Tumbler with straight sides, suitable for mixed drinks or liquor served on the rocks or "with a splash".

Goblet - An all-purpose shape ideal for water, iced tea, soda, juice, mixed drinks and lemonade with a round bowl to easily accommodates ice cubes.

Highball - A straight-sided glass, ideal for serving many mixed drinks and cocktails on the rocks.

Margarita - Large, round cocktail glass ideal for serving margaritas, daiquiris, and other fruit drinks; broad rim is perfect for holding salt.

Martini - Glass with a V-shape and a long stem designed to prevent the hand from warming the drink. Used for a wide range of cocktails, including martinis, manhattans, metropolitans, and gimlets. Also known as a cocktail glass.

Old Fashioned glass - Short, with a thick bottom and straight sides.

Port - Small wine glasses with a tall, narrow bowl designed to direct the bouquet to the nose.

Red wine - Thin, stemmed glass with a large bowl and a wide mouth designed to allow full-bodied red wines to breathe.

Sherry - Tiny, tulip-shaped glass designed to capture the aged aromas of aperitifs, ports, and sherry.

Shot glass - A small glass suitable for serving vodka, whiskey and other liquors with no other mixer. Also useful for making mixed drinks.

Tumbler - A versatile, straight-sided and flat-bottomed glass in various heights for cocktails, soft drinks and more.

White wine - Thin, stemmed glass with a smaller bowl designed to showcase the sweetness of white wines and concentrate their aroma.

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