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LeBlanc Linen Wash is a specially formulated cleaning solution for washing fine linens. Gentle, pH-balanced formula contains no bleach and can be used on all natural fibers, synthetics, and blends. All LeBlanc products are low sudsing and safe for use on HE (high efficiency) machines. Concentrated formula; each 64 oz bottle will clean 32 loads.

Ideal stain remover for bed linens, coverlets, shams, blankets, throws, table linens, lace, christening gowns, and antique textiles. Tested to remove stains from lipstick, jam, fruit juice, coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, grease, blood, cola, ink, and oil. Not tested on animals.

Original scent: A subtle jasmine scent that will leave your linens feeling clean and fresh. USA.

Size: 64 oz

Does not contain: Bleach, Caustics, Enzymes, Phosphates, Sulphates.

Directions: Soak items in cool water. Apply a few drops of Linen Wash on stains and gently rub into the fabric. Follow by soaking items in a Linen Wash solution (about 1/4 cup per medium load, or one capful per basin) for 20 minutes, and then wash in cold water by hand or machine. Tough stains may require overnight soaking.

Made in the U.S.A.

Original Fragrance Linen Wash 64 oz

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