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How To Keep Your Duvet Covers in Place

It’s a common problem.

You go to all the trouble to place the duvet in the cover and get it just right. Seemingly on its own willpower, it slowly shifts, until eventually the entire duvet is bunched up on one side.

Then your spouse accuses you of stealing all of the covers.

Libeco Monterey Duvet Cover

Luckily for us all, Sferra has solved the migrating duvet dilemma, ensuring domestic harmony will continue to reign.

Sferra’s down duvets have a loop on each corner and our duvet covers have ties inside at each corner. These loops and ties help keep the duvet from shifting. The duvet is inserted into the duvet cover through the opening at the bottom. The closure ensures that the duvet stays inside the duvet cover. Sferra uses buttons and buttonhole closures, as they provide a greater level of style and a more luxurious finish.

Here’s a picture illustrating the corner loop on Sferra’s Cardigan Duvets:

An ingenious solution, wouldn’t you say? Now if they could only come up with a way to get him to pick up his dirty socks and put them in the hamper…