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Green Sweet: An Easy Care Solution for Stain Repellant Linens

For nearly two hundred years, Garnier-Thiebaut has been creating exquisite linens for the home. But it is Green Sweet, their recent innovation in fabric technology, that is most exciting to the busy, modern family.

Garnier-Thiebaut’s Green Sweet stain resistant technology, shown here on Jardin Extraordinaire Sunset Easy Care Table Linens

What is Green Sweet?

Green Sweet is a revolutionary treatment which makes linens stain resistant.

Does Green Sweet affect the way my linens feel?

No.  Green Sweet does not affect the look and feel of linens, so textiles stay equally soft and breathable.

What happens when liquids spill on my Green Sweet linens?

Liquids will puddle on the surface, so you can simply wipe them off.

How is Green Sweet applied to fabrics?

Each fiber is coated in the stain-resistant treatment before it is woven into fabric to ensure the entire cloth is fully saturated.

Can I wash my Green Sweet linens?

Absolutely!  They can be washed the same way as regular linens, but you won’t need to launder them as often since they will remain clean for longer.

Can I iron my Green Sweet linens?

Yes.  The heat of the iron reactivates the Green Sweet treatment, so it is good for Green Sweet linens to be ironed.

Can you show me what happens when there are spills? 

Take a look at how these linens react to jam, fruit juice, water, and even red wine!


Want to see more? Click on the video below for a demonstration:


Why is it called Green Sweet?

Green refers to the non-stick and self-cleaning process of certain plants. Sweet stands for Simple to clean, Waterproof, Economic maintenance, Environmentally friendly, and Textile touch.

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Have you tried Garnier-Thiebaut‘s incredible Green Sweet linens yet?