Five Tips for Choosing a Tablecloth this Holiday Season

The holidays are here again!  Even though it’s 90 degrees outside (we’re in Los Angeles), we’re starting to see turkeys and reindeers cropping up everywhere.

As you get ready for holiday entertaining and setting your holiday table, here are five tips for choosing a tablecloth, based on the questions our customers have asked us time and again:
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Setting the Table with Kelly Wearstler

When Bergdorf Goodman announced in 2005 that they had hired interior designer Kelly Wearstler to redo their BG Restaurant on the 7th floor, many in the design world were shocked.  She was, after all, from California, and how would her penchant for exuberant designs and fearless use of color translate in New York?  Thankfully, the folks at the venerable department store knew what they were doing, and BG is now one of the most visited spaces in the whole store.
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Planning a Birthday in Costa Rica … Table Settings for Under $100

Once our theme was set, I spent a lot of time online looking through Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot.  I wanted something elegant and feminine which incorporated orchids.  Also, because it was a birthday party and I did not want the room to look like it was set up for a wedding, so I stayed away from all-white themes.  I found this image at, which I used for inspiration:

Since so many people were contributing to Aunt Carmen’s party, we needed to keep our costs low.  The best way to do this was to use as many the hotel’s services as possible, so I started with the room.  The hotel’s Arboleda salon is surrounded by windows and reminded me of a conservatory, so I thought it would be fun to turn each table into a miniature floral garden.
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Planning a Birthday Party in Costa Rica … Choosing a Location and a Theme

To make Aunt Carmen’s 80th birthday party memorable, we needed to come up with a theme.  Great parties need themes to make them flow and focus the event.  We wanted this to be a celebration of her life, so we started by asking: what does she like?  Aunt Carmen has owned shops, hotels, and restaurants, designed shoes, and developed real estate.  But her latest passion is … slot machines!
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Planning a Birthday Party in Costa Rica … How It All Began

I grew up in Costa Rica.  My dad is one of eleven in his family and my mom is one of seven, so I grew up surrounded by lots of cousins, aunts, and our family’s friends.  Aunt Carmen, the oldest of my dad’s siblings, has always been extremely capable and well-connected; she’s the Vito Corleone (from “The Godfather” movies) in our family.  Anytime anyone had a problem, they went to visit Aunt Carmen and Uncle Arturo.  Do you need a doctor?  Call Aunt Carmen.  An architect?  Aunt Carmen.  An attorney?  Aunt Carmen.  A visa?  Aunt Carmen.
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