L’Objet Loret Gold Napkin Rings Featured in French Style Magazine

Merci beaucoup to French Style magazine for having featured our L’Objet Lorel Gold Napkin Rings in their Summer 2018 issue:

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Herend Handpainted Porcelain: Perfect for Every Celebration

Although it’s best known for having been both Queen Victoria’s and Princess Diana’s favorites, Herend is prized for the playfulness of its designs.  Today, this hand-painted porcelain continues to delight adult and children around the world.

Here are a few ways to use it in your own celebrations. Which one’s your favorite?



Shown above: Chinese Bouquet Garland Raspberry Dinnerware, Golden Edge Dinnerware, Key to My Heart Raspberry Figurine, Fish Scale Pink DinnerwareSilk Ribbon Raspberry Dinnerware, Golden Laurel Dinnerware, Gwendolyn Dinnerware, Connect the Dots Dinnerware, Heart of Gold Raspberry Figurine, Princess Victoria Pink Dinnerware, Fish Scale Gold Dinnerware, Chinese Bouquet Raspberry Dinnerware.

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Chic Jewelry from Christofle

I’ve been obsessed with Christofle ever since we registered for their Malmaison sterling flatware for our wedding. Although we were just starting our lives together, Si and I knew that we’d be using our flatware for years, so we chose a pattern that we truly loved. It was a huge splurge for us – which my brother very generously indulged – but it has really served us well.

Except for when we’re not home, we’ve used our Christofle flatware for almost every meal, which means almost 20 years of daily use. We even use it for takeout, because disposable flatware just won’t cut it (ha, ha!).

Like all the best French houses, the craftsmen at Christofle really do what they do well: the products are well designed and they’re made to last. Their latest category – jewelry – is no exception. As with the rest of the line, Christofle jewelry is mostly comprised of timeless silverplate and sterling pieces, with a few in rose gold and rosewood. But because it was designed much more recently, it has a more contemporary feel.

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For The Dad Who Has It All: 9 Spectacular Father’s Day Gifts

Show dad some love and give him something spectacular this year!

Pierre Backgammon Table

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Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog

What Would Neville Jacobs Get His Dog Friends?

Did you know that Neville Jacobs (yeah, the dog) has his own book and over 200,000 Instagram (@nevillejacobs) followers?  Talk about overachiever!  How many of us could say that?

Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog

I have Karlie, Kendall, and Cara on my speed dial… (image Rizzoli)

So I was thinking:  what if I were a smart pup like that?  Surely, I could get my paws on a platinum card!  Everybody knows that’s easier than writing a book.

And then, I’d surprise all my friends with something cool.  So these are what I’d get, if I were a world-famous model dog.
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