Are You Ready for the Vermont Lifestyle of Simon Pearce and Farmhouse Pottery?

Have you ever wanted to just leave the city?

You’re sick and tired of it all and can’t do another conference call.  So you drive, drive, drive.  All of a sudden, there are no more billboards.  No more big box stores.  No more fast food joints.

Vermont has no billboards or big box stores

Courtesy:, Flickr/Sean_Marshall

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Celebrate the Year of the Monkey February 8

Did you know 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey?

Mischievous. Curious. Clever. The monkey of Chinese myths is a favorite companion to children of all ages. He’s an underdog who thumps his nose (and tail) at the authorities and somehow always comes out ahead in the end.

Chinese Monkey King

Chinese Monkey King

Here ares a few of our favorites to help you start your Year of the Monkey right.

Monkey Dish


Monkey Dish


Dancing White Monkeys

London Chic Red Plaid Flatware

Just $15: Pretty in Plaid Flatware from David Stark and Martha Stewart

Cold weather might bring back plaid and tartans, but they don’t have to make your home look like those oversized lumberjack shirts in the back of the closet.  In fact, plaids are a great way to mix things up and introduce different colors.  Says renowned NY event producer David Stark in his recent Pretty in Plaid feature for Martha Stewart:

If you’re the type of person that wants things to look cohesive, but not too matchy-matchy, try mixing different colors of the same plaid. For color mixing, pick a particular color that each plaid will have in common. For example, if each pattern contains a vibrant cherry red, it will keep your look together. These flatware sets all have the same base color — a neutral white — so they can be mixed and matched on your dinner table.

And here are the plaids he chose, in London Chic chocolate red, London Chic cucumber green, and London Chic denim blue:


Q Squared London Chic Flatware

And the best part?  The stainless steel flatware has ABS plastic handles which are dishwasher safe and treated with Xtra Wash, a unique technology that keeps colors looking like new after hundreds of washes.  These are an absolute steal at only $15 per 5-pc setting!

We still remember watching the Martha Stewart TV shows years ago, so it’s a real treat to be featured in her blog now.  Thanks for thinking of us, David and Martha!

The Architecture of Light at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

How would you display one of the most coveted contemporary art collections of our time?

Eli and Edythe Broad, by now L.A.’s most famous art collectors, were so particular about how their art was to be displayed, they actually turned down just about every museum in town and commissioned their own $140-million museum by Diller Scofidio + Renfro:

The Broad Museum Downtown LA

The Broad Museum Downtown LA

When we visited The Broad last weekend, we realized that part of the reason might be how to display the art in the proper light.

Art is usually kept away from direct sun light to prevent damage.  Eli Broad knows this well: he once kept a van Gogh in a desk drawer so it wouldn’t get sun damaged.  But art shown under artificial light just looks different.  So The Broad employs a special architectural detail to show its art under perpetual indirect natural light.

Each of the openings in the ceiling and on the side of the museum, dubbed the “veil” by the architects, functions as a light cell, bringing in a small amount of natural light and casting it on a concrete surface:

Light Coming into The Broad

Light Coming into The Broad

The light from many such small concrete surfaces then add up to a bright but indirect light for the interior, dubbed the “vault”:

The Broad art space

The Broad art space

On the side of the museum, the light cells bring in the outdoor light with just glimpses of the outside world, instead of creating distractions to compete with the art:


Seen from the outside, the museum may look like a bold gesture for the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles, especially next to the Walt Disney Concert Hall:


But in fact, it is actually a perfected machine for showcasing art in the best light, thus fulfilling the Modernist creed of “Form Follows Function” to a T.



Have any of you been to The Broad?  If so, we’d love to hear what you thought!  If not, get free tickets to The Broad by clicking here.

Obssessed with Empire? How to Recreate Cookie’s Office

In the glamorous world of Fox’s new hit show, Empire, work is as decadent as play. If you love this opulent style, take a look at some of our favorite picks to transform your work space into queen’s quarters, just like Cookie’s!

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

Kim Seybert Metallic Anaconda Coasters in Gold $84

RabLabs Fim Bookends in Amethyst $310


Herend Lion $495

Moser Maly Bowl in Rose $175

Currey Ballet Table Lamp $390

Yves Delorme Berlingo Parme Cushion Cover $150

For more ways to make your office over the top, click here!