For Opera Lovers: Dinnerware Inspired by Mozart’s The Magic Flute

Written in the late 18th Century, Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, or The Magic Flute, is one of the best-loved operas in history. With this as his inspiration, whimsical Danish artist Bjørn Wiinblad created the Sarastro dinnerware collection for Rosenthal.

Bjørn Wiinblad painting in his studio (Courtesy

Each piece in the line features a different scene from the opera depicted in relief, so they all sport exceptionally wide rims.

Dinner plate

Vegetable Bowl

Sugar and Creamer Tray

Rosenthal’s Sarastro Dinnerware (Courtesy

The genius is in the details.  Here are a few of the ones we’ve discovered:

Fowl Play: The symbol of the bird is used throughout this opera.  For example, one of the central characters, Papageno the bird catcher, sings playful tunes intended to mimic the sound of chirping birds. Look closely at pieces from Wiinblad’s dinnerware collection, and you’ll see that the theme of the bird is shown in beautiful relief throughout.


Bird depicted on the lid of the Sarastro Sugar Bowl

Up to No Good: With elaborate costumes and heavenly melodies, Mozart created many of his characters to be deceptively beautiful. The Queen, who initially appears to be harmless, later reveals her malicious intent to destroy Sarastro. In Wiinblad’s depictions of these characters, they are intentionally shown in an aura of ambiguous elegance.


Hidden Secrets: There are beautiful secrets and surprises hidden throughout the opera.  For his part, Wiinblad surprises his audience by using his own handwriting to paint the names of the arias and scenes depicted on each piece.  But they’re not obvious … he’s hidden them in the crevices and underneath each piece.

Hidden messages under Bjørn Wiinblad’s dinnerware pieces (image via Pinterest)

It is a collection that looks as good on the table as it does on the shelf.  Available in gold or plain white, each piece is delightful.

(image via

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Product Review: L’Objet Turtle Candle

Beauty, elegance and imagination are embodied in L’Objet‘s unique style, and their stunning and sensuous Turtle Candle is no exception. But what makes this candle so different?  We asked Eve to tell us after she received hers:

L'Objet Turtle Candle

L’Objet Turtle Candle


What were your first impressions when you received the package?

The presentation was beautiful. It was wrapped in a black box with gold trim, in L’Objet‘s signature packaging.


What did you think of the Limoges porcelain exterior?

I was so impressed by the canister. It has the real shape, color, and texture of a turtle shell! Moving your hand across the top, it feels like it really could be one. The intricately painted details and 14k gold edges really make it unlike any other candle.

just right

How did it smell?

The Pink Champagne scent truly is intoxicating. The candle is very richly saturated, but the fragrance is light and sweet. While slightly floral, the smell was very fresh and crisp, like rain.


Did you light the candle right away?

Of course! I like candles because they make my home feel warm and relaxed, so I lit this one as soon as I got home from work. The scent is very clean and soothing, and within only a minute of lighting the candle, it filled the whole room with fragrance. It was the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.


Would you recommend this candle to others?

Absolutely; I say buy two! It is so beautiful and unique that it makes a perfect gift, and it already comes so nicely packaged. But the minute you see or smell it, you will be glad you got one for yourself, too. The best part is, while it will burn up to 50 hours, the gorgeous box will last years after the candle is gone.

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Who Is Gracious Style?

Gracious Style is the lifestyle destination for the sophisticated and well-traveled individual. Whether you’re looking to throw a fabulous dinner party, redecorate your master bathroom, or find a special gift for someone, we bring you all the little things you need to live life well.

We understand how you want to live today.  Like you, we’re busy and constantly flying from one country to the next.  But no matter where we are, we care about how things are made, and we want them to last us for years.  We want things that are exquisite, but we need them to work with everything else we already own.  And of course, we only want to surround ourselves with objects that we’ll reach for again and again.

So this is what we’ve done.  We’ve culled through thousands and thousands of items and brought you only the very best ones.  Some you’ll recognize (like Christofle flatware and Yves Delorme bedding) while others will be new (like Mario Luca Giusti drinkware).  But no matter when or where they were made, you’ll see that they will all work together to create a look that’s just perfect for you.


Visual Comfort







Pigeon & Poodle


Dash & Albert


Founded in 1999, Gracious Style has been featured in numerous publications and television segments including The Wall Street Journal, Southern Accents, Departures, and Elle Decor. We have worked with sophisticated clients and some of the world’s best-known interior designers and architects to furnish private homes, yachts, jets, hotels, restaurants, and embassies.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Welcome to Gracious Style.

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Product Review: Le Blanc Specialty Laundry Products

At Gracious Style, we are introduced to some of the most luxurious materials on a daily basis. It’s our job to find the best of the best, whether it’s Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton sheets, or hand-embroidered Italian table linens. Given the quality of the products we love, we know that proper care and cleaning are essential for long-lasting, sumptuous fibers.  We’ve personally tested Le Blanc’s specialty cleansers in our own homes, and here’s what we have to say.

Le Blanc Linen Wash

What You Should Know:

  • Le Blanc products are environmentally safe. They are 100% biodegradable, contain no bleach, have a neutral pH balance, and are not tested on animals. This makes them safe for cleaning delicate materials like lace, silk, linen, and down.
  • The detergents are triple concentrated. 1/4 cup is all that is needed for a full load of laundry. “I love that you only use 2 ounces of liquid per load; my bottle lasted me several months!” – Carolina
  • Le Blanc products are energy-efficient. All of the cleansers work with cold water, and can be used in a variety of washing machines.
  • Le Blanc formulas have been tested to remove stains caused by lipstick, jam, fruit juice, coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, grease, blood, cola, ink and even certain oils.

Le Blanc Offerings:

Linen Press – designed to leave a silky hand and polished finish on table and bed linens. Press fine fabrics and create a protective layer to guard against new stains. This non-aerosol formula ensures a wrinkle-free sheen, and features an easy spray nozzle.

Linen Wash – Le Blanc’s premium cold-water cleanser is proven to be the safest in the home textile industry. The detergent removes tough stains from fabrics without the use of harmful chemicals. It is mild enough to care for linen, cotton, sateen, and percale, making it ideal for use on bedding and table cloths. “The Linen Wash really works well for pretreating stains. After our Thanksgiving dinner, I quickly poured a few drops on our napkins and tablecloths, and the stains were gone when I did the laundry the next day.” – Carolina

Silk & Lingerie Wash – Designed for all washable and colorfast delicate fabrics. The specialized formula protects elasticity, preserves shape, and gently launders swim and active wear, hosiery and intimate apparel, wool and cashmere sweaters, and silk bedding and table linens. “No need to buy scented sachets to stick in my underwear and sock drawers anymore. The articles smell so fresh after, they scent the whole drawer” – Nicole.

Towel Wash – formulated to clean luxury bath towels, mats, rugs, and cotton terry robes while protecting fibers from drying out. Even after repeated wash cycles, bath linens are guaranteed to remain soft, strong, and absorbent. “Washing my towels in the Summer Verbena Towel Wash made a remarkable difference. They were soft to the touch and smelled amazing, which I expected would happen, but I was nervous they wouldn’t look as clean. I was proven wrong; no makeup stains, nothing! Worked like a charm for my white towels” – Nicole.

Laundry Wash – For use on all types of apparel made from natural and synthetic fibers. Fabrics are disinfected while colors and shapes are preserved. Whites and darks alike will smell fresh and look renewed. “Doing laundry is now more fun, and our linens smell really good” – Carolina.

Downwash – Specifically designed for laundering down-filled, down alternative, and hypoallergenic materials without altering its capacity for natural insulation. This wash protects down’s loft by preventing its naturally resilient oils from becoming brittle. “So nice that I can wash my down comforter at home now.” – Carolina.

Fragrance Infusion – This alternative to traditional fabric softener can be added to the rinse cycle to reduce static cling and add extra fragrance. As this product contains no optical brighteners, and will not stain or clog, it is safe for use in all washing machines. “I’ve been hearing more and more about the disadvantages of using fabric softeners. This is an excellent, safer alternative” – Nicole.

Dryer Sachets – These should be used in place of polyester dryer sheets to prevent pilling of luxury linens. Filled with unique fragrances, the sachets scent articles in the dryer or in a drawer. Each one can be reused for a minimum of sixteen cycles. “I use these in my closets to scent up the whole space” – Carolina.

Linen Waters – Perfect for misting household linens and fabrics like bed sheets, drapery, towels, and more. The formula will not stain and is guaranteed to leave a lasting aroma.

Le Blanc Towel Wash in Summer Verbena

Spotlight on Scents: 

Original: “A very sweet, fruity and floral scent. The apple, hyacinth, and sandalwood are the most prevalent notes” – Eve. “Sweet like candy but charmingly light. The fusion of jasmine, kiwi, grapefruit, and musk are refreshing” – Nicole.

Fields of Green: “Floral, but fresher than the original scent, this one has a slighter brighter fragrance to it, with more of a citrusy garden blend” – Eve. “Reminds me of fresh cut grass, and spring” – Nicole.

Children’s Wash (Pink and Purple): “Light and happy, like a cloud on a spring day” – Si. “This is a milder, lighter version of the Original scent” – Carolina.

Lavender: “Like a field in Provence” – Carolina. “Very classic, herbal scent with subtle notes of mint” – Eve. “Lavender is of course a calming aroma. This fragrance will sooth the senses and coat your linens in a blanket of tranquil freshness. Very ladylike” – Nicole.

Silk Petals Silk & Lingerie: “A signature floral scent, this mixes the sweet smells of rose with gardenia” – Eve. “Floral, feminine, and delicate, the blend of lilac, rose, and gardenia is delightfully sophisticated” – Nicole. “Powdery and feminine” – Carolina.

Blue Violet: “Light, clear, and fresh” – Si. “Clean, crisp, and soapy (in the best way!), with light floral notes” – Nicole.

Summer Verbena: “Primarily citrus, with a hint of floral” – Eve. “After washing my bedding in this scent, my entire bedroom smelled of a lovely citrus, but the scent was never overwhelming” – Nicole.

Portfolio: “My personal favorite! This is a more masculine scent, but the women in our office loved it equally as much. This is a woodsy, musky scent with notes of amber and vanilla” – Eve. “Serious and sophisticated” – Si. “Designed for the modern day male, this scent is universally appealing and alluring. The blend of woods and orange blossom, with hints of vanilla, make it an ideal unisex fragrance” – Nicole.

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Celebrate Bastille Day and Save 20% off ALL Yves Delorme

With summer in full swing, Yves Delorme is helping us celebrate Bastille Day with their biggest sale of the year.

Offering beauty, sophistication and incredible comfort, Yves Delorme has all the finest indulgences for bed and bath. Whether you need something for that perfect summer birthday gift, or want to treat yourself to a little luxury, now is the time to act!  From July 11 – 19, enjoy 20% off all Yves Delorme items.  But hurry, this offer is as fleeting as a soft summer breeze, so be sure to place your order soon!


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