Mario Luca Giusti on Yacht

Stylish Summer Soirees Made Easy

Summer.  La dolce vita.  A party by the pool.  Sailing on the water.  Or just a nice lawn barbecue.  Naturally, friends and family will come in droves.  So how do you entertain them in style, without setting up for the high holidays?  Here are our little secrets (shhh….)

– Acrylic stemware from Mario Luca Giusti: From his studio in Florence, Mario has re-created classic Italian stemware in acrylic and polycarbonate. The result?  As cool as a Vespa on the cobblestoned streets of Florence. No wonder it’s become a darling of the European yachting crowd — look for it on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht or in the hands Albert II of Monaco, Valentino, the Missonis, the Ferragamos, and Steven Spielberg.

Dolce Vita Water, Wine, and Flute in Violet

Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti, courtesy of Mario Luca Giusti

Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti, courtesy of Mario Luca Giusti


Mario Luca Giusti drinkware on yacht, courtesy Mario Luca Giusti

Melamine dinnerware from Q Squared NYC Dinnerware: They’re chic, they’re classic, and they’re dishwasher safe! These pieces, created by Nancy (former Glamour editor) and Alaina (color aficionado with an art history background), recreate the ornate designs of antique porcelain on heavyweight melamine, and they’re made to be mixed and matched.

Q Squared NYC Dinnerware

Q Squared NYC Sanibel and Primrose Dinnerware



Q Squared NYC Victorian Dinnerware

– Easy-care tablecloths fromGarnier Thiebaut and Le Jacquard Francais: Many of our classic French table linens, favorites of everyone from the George V in Paris to the French Laundry, now come coated with an invisible treatment to protect your linens from liquids and stains, while keeping them soft and supple.

Garnier Thiebaut Flanerie Corail with GreenSweet

Garnier Thiebaut Flanerie Corail with GreenSweet

Le Jacquard Francais Darjeeling China Blue Coated Linens

Now there’s no reason not to entertain this summer.  Let us know how it went — tweet a picture of your party to @GraciousStyle!  Need more ideas?  Click here to see our Outdoor Entertaining section.

Refresh Your Bath With New Arrivals from Kassatex

Spring cleaning season is here, which means it’s time to freshen up your linens. If your towels are tired, your tub mats worn, and your bathroom is generally looking drab, give your home the update it deserves with Kassatex’s new collections of luxurious bath essentials. Say goodbye to fuzz and hello to fluff with linens and accessories designed to help you clean up in style.


Experience unparalleled texture and comfort with Kassatex’s new bath towel collections, many of which are inspired by destinations in Europe. The Marseilles Collection features a wave effect sculpted in piece dyed jacquard, while the Mallorca Collection is enhanced with an on-trend ombre print and unique eyelash fringe for a more contemporary look.

Anacapri Bath Towels, $9.00 – $29.00

Du Cap Bath Towels, $12.99 – $69.99

Marseilles Bath Towels, $9.99 – $29.99

Mayfair Bath Towels, $9.99 – $39.99

Kassadesign Brights Bath Towels, $4.99 – $54.99

Mallorca Bath Towels, $9.99 – $29.99

Named after Portugal’s captivating capital, Lisboa Bath Towels take forms inspired by classic baroque style. Featuring a decorative jacquard bottom border in a delicate palette, this collection is the perfect compliment for any bath.

Lisboa Both Towels are made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. The soft and cozy material provides warmth after a soak in the tub.

Designers of well-appointed bathrooms rely on chic bath accessories to artfully store toiletries and eliminate clutter.  A porcelain dispenser from Kassatex’s new Shagreen Collection is a lot more glamorous perched on the counter than a plain, plastic soap bottle purchased from the drugstore.

Shagreen Bath Accessories, $23.00 – $75.00

To view more from Kassatex, including new introductions to the Bambini children’s line, please click here.



Green Sweet: An Easy Care Solution for Stain Repellant Linens

For nearly two hundred years, Garnier-Thiebaut has been creating exquisite linens for the home. But it is Green Sweet, their recent innovation in fabric technology, that is most exciting to the busy, modern family.

Garnier-Thiebaut’s Green Sweet stain resistant technology, shown here on Jardin Extraordinaire Sunset Easy Care Table Linens

What is Green Sweet?

Green Sweet is a revolutionary treatment which makes linens stain resistant.

Does Green Sweet affect the way my linens feel?

No.  Green Sweet does not affect the look and feel of linens, so textiles stay equally soft and breathable.

What happens when liquids spill on my Green Sweet linens?

Liquids will puddle on the surface, so you can simply wipe them off.

How is Green Sweet applied to fabrics?

Each fiber is coated in the stain-resistant treatment before it is woven into fabric to ensure the entire cloth is fully saturated.

Can I wash my Green Sweet linens?

Absolutely!  They can be washed the same way as regular linens, but you won’t need to launder them as often since they will remain clean for longer.

Can I iron my Green Sweet linens?

Yes.  The heat of the iron reactivates the Green Sweet treatment, so it is good for Green Sweet linens to be ironed.

Can you show me what happens when there are spills? 

Take a look at how these linens react to jam, fruit juice, water, and even red wine!


Want to see more? Click on the video below for a demonstration:


Why is it called Green Sweet?

Green refers to the non-stick and self-cleaning process of certain plants. Sweet stands for Simple to clean, Waterproof, Economic maintenance, Environmentally friendly, and Textile touch.

Now, it’s time to try one for yourself! Here are a few of our favorites:

Cinetik Feu Easy Care Table Linens

Appoline White Easy Care Table Linens

Flanerie Corail Easy Care Table Linens

Galaxy Sky Easy Care Table Linens


Have you tried Garnier-Thiebaut‘s incredible Green Sweet linens yet?







Herend’s Lone Wolf Joins The Pack

Both fearsome and fascinating, wolves have a long and complicated history with humans. While they have been the subject of debate for thousands of years, wolves have managed to avoid total extinction, even when their population number dropped to 300 in the 1960’s. In honor of the wolf’s perseverance and prowess, Herend created the Lone Wolf as part of their limited-edition Reserve Collection.

Herend Wolf from the Reserve Collection

Herend’s Wolf is the definitive lone wolf, being the first and only Herend figurine to wear a coat of alternating gray and platinum fishnet. This unique color mix captures the essence of a Gray Wolf, the most prevalent variety in the U.S. The eerily realistic-looking eyes add the finishing touch to enhance the drama of this Herend treasure.

Herend Lone Wolf

Herend Lone Wolf

Wolves are the descendants of prehistoric Dire Wolves, powerful creatures which roamed North America approximately two million years ago. Now extinct, these predators hunted prey as large as wooly mammoths. Even with such capabilities, as wolves evolved, humans never became a desired target. Contrarily, the hunter became the hunted. The Aztecs, for example, killed wolves for their livers, which were believed to possess healing powers. In Ireland, wolves were exterminated until the last animal was killed in the late 1700’s. In the U.S., a war was waged against the wolf in the 1900’s, as wolves were perceived as pests who threatened the American people’s safety and prosperity. gray-wolf-hunt-01

Thankfully, measures were taken in the U.S. to protect the wolf’s dwindling populations, which plummeted to the brink of extinction. In 1974, the Endangered Species Act was enacted, and the wolf was among the first animals to be put on the protected list. Today, around 5,000 wolves inhabit North America, mostly in Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. Conservationists are hopeful that wolf populations will remain stable.

Gray Wolf Pups


Gray Wolf Howling

Wolves are intelligent and gregarious animals. They form close relationships and strong social bonds with members of their packs. Even alphas are known to express deep affection for their families, going to great lengths to protect their pups. Herend’s Wolf is a symbol of strength and loyalty, making it the perfect gift for a member of your own pack.

To see more Herend figurines and collectibles, please click here.




Rachel Zoe’s Dinner Party Must-Have: Christofle Vertigo Serving Tray

If there’s one thing Rachel Zoe knows, it’s style. The designer, author, and distinguished fashion icon is recognized for her glamorous aesthetic and high-profile clientele. When she’s not busy running the Zoe empire, the self-described perfectionist enjoys hosting dinner parties at her chic California abode. In an interview with Domaine Home, Zoe shares which entertaining essentials make an at-home meal feel like an A-list affair.

Fashion designer, celebrity stylist, and author Rachel Zoe. Image via Domaine Home.

At the top of her list? The Vertigo collection from luxury silverware company ChristofleLike Chanel and Christian Dior, Christofle is a symbol of elegance and prestige.  And Vertigo, designed by renowned French interior and product designer Andree Putman, is Rachel’s favorite.  Its unique element – a slightly twisted ring –  brings life and even a sense of humor to the otherwise immaculate silver objets. For her picture-perfect party, she relies on exquisite pieces like the Christofle Vertigo Three-Part Serving Tray for flawless food presentation.

Christofle Vertigo Three-Part Serving Tray, $1,150.00. Available at Gracious Style.

Made of glass with silver-plated handles, the Vertigo rectangular tray is sectioned into three parts, so guests can sample a variety of hors d’oeuvres. Just as jewelry completes an outfit, Zoe knows that beautiful dinnerware puts the finishing touches on a well-dressed dining table. She advises, “Take the time to fill glass pitchers with sparkling and flat water, put condiments in charming crystal jars, and place food that comes to the table on chic serving trays.” Follow Zoe’s lead, and your friends will be itching for invites to your next soiree.

Vertigo Champagne Cooler, $940.00

Vertigo Cheese Tray, $500.00

Vertigo Menu Holders, $460.00

Vertigo Cruet Set, $860.00

Vertigo Pastry Stand, $1,150.00

Vertigo Individual Butter Dish, $360.00

To see the complete collection of Christofle at Gracious Style, please click here.