Chic Jewelry from Christofle

I’ve been obsessed with Christofle ever since we registered for their Malmaison sterling flatware for our wedding. Although we were just starting our lives together, Si and I knew that we’d be using our flatware for years, so we chose a pattern that we truly loved. It was a huge splurge for us – which my brother very generously indulged – but it has really served us well.

Except for when we’re not home, we’ve used our Christofle flatware for almost every meal, which means almost 20 years of daily use. We even use it for takeout, because disposable flatware just won’t cut it (ha, ha!).

Like all the best French houses, the craftsmen at Christofle really do what they do well: the products are well designed and they’re made to last. Their latest category – jewelry – is no exception. As with the rest of the line, Christofle jewelry is mostly comprised of timeless silverplate and sterling pieces, with a few in rose gold and rosewood. But because it was designed much more recently, it has a more contemporary feel.

All the necklaces are finely rendered, with just a bit of detail. The Lariat, part of Andree Putman’s “Idole de Christofle” collection, is my favorite:

There are earrings to match. These pearl and silver hoop earrings are classic, but unexpected:

The bracelets can all be mixed and matched. Rivage is very chic:

For men (or women, too), there are cufflinks. Code Royale is inspired by a beehive …

… and leather bracelets, which make great gifts.

And for the little ones, there are even pieces for babies and young children.

Christofle Beebee Jewelry collection

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