We’re in Coastal Living Magazine’s June 2016 Issue!

Don’t you ever love to go to the best beaches or try the tastiest seafood dives?  Even though we’re here working, being part of Coastal Living magazine‘s June 2016 made us feel like we were there:


They did this great spread for Sun and Sea Settings:


Featuring our Sabre Aquarelle flatware setting in Yellow:

Sabre Aquarelle Yellow Flatware

Sabre Aquarelle Yellow Flatware

This French flatware pattern has a handle shaped like a watercolor pen (hence the name “Aquarelle”) with a colorful tip, which is available in eight different colors.

Also featured are the Blue Pheasant Sofia True Blue Glasses:

Blue Pheasant Sofia True Blue Glasses

Blue Pheasant Sofia True Blue Glasses

This is a new collection which we just started carrying this year.  They’re hand blown and have a nice vintage look, and that blue color is truly deep and refreshing for a summer’s day.

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