Christofle Silver: Where Every Piece Passes Through One Hundred Hands

Since its founding in 1830, Christofle has always been one of the most prestigious names in French silver.  Known for the quality of their silver flatware, picture frames, and hollowware, Christofle pieces are coveted by collectors worldwide, including Emperor Bonaparte, the royal households of the Ottoman Empire, and the Tsar of Russia.  Today, Christofle is synonymous with silver throughout France, and its collections are regularly seen at Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions (as well as our own table!).

Whether sterling, silverplated, or stainless, each item is individually hand made and finished.

Liquid metal is poured into molds at up to 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit to cast each piece. After the metal is cooled, artisans must shape the items with various mallets and hammers, ensuring that the thickness of the item is consistent throughout.


Items are then soldered, or smoothed, to guarantee the flawless, seamless finish and mirror-like polish, characteristic of Christofle. Every piece of Christofle silver is crafted by one hundred hands, using time, care and great expertise to complete the long, detailed process.

Jardin d’Eden is the latest Christofle flatware collection, designed by Marcel Wanders. The pattern is poetry made real, with decoration that spans the entirety of the flatware in a single engraving. The interlaced leaves, flowers and curls are inspired by a lush garden, a fine tracery dancing over each piece.

Jardin d'Eden Flatware
Jardin D’Eden Sterling Silver Flatware Collection: From $219

Malmaison, one of Christofle’s most historic patterns, is in the Empire style. The frieze of delicate palm and lotus leaves is typical of this style, and was inspired by the summer home of Napoleon’s wife, where she dined using pieces from this very Christofle collection.

Malmaison Cake Set
Malmaison Cake Set, Silver Plated: $980

Through collaboration with renowned designer Andrée Putman, Christofle’s Vertigo Collection remains classic, yet takes on modern shapes and designs. The sensual and subtle asymmetrical ring can be seen in every Vertigo piece, such as the contemporary but elegant Three-Ring Candlestick.

Vertigo Three-Ring Candlestick, $740

Using balance and geometry, the design of the BY Collection is pure and original. The BY Wine Decanter is a marvelous complement to any table.

BY Wine Decanter
BY Wine Decanter: $1,000


Whether gracing the tables of emperors, princes, or maharajas, on the Orient Express or transatlantic ocean liners, or on your own table, Christofle is a classic that will continue to delight for years to come.

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