Featured in Vogue Holiday Gift Guide: Georg Jensen Sky Ice Cubes

Seeing our Georg Jensen Sky Ice Cubes in Vogue’s Holiday Gift Guide certainly made us feel a lot more stylish today:

Vogue Holiday Gift Guide

These little pebbles aren’t just a statement of contemporary Scandinavian design. They can actually keep your drinks cool without watering them down, since they’re stainless steel and won’t melt. Just keep them in the freezer and then drop them in your drink. They’ll keep the drinks cold and the conversation going. They come in a set of four and safe to use in drinks:

Designer Aurelian Barbry has a strong belief that design should be beautiful but stay true to its purpose. These pebbles are complimented by his Sky bar set, with sculptural asymmetric shapes working both aesthetically and practically:

They’re all part of Georg Jensen‘s tradition of modernist designs that are functional and democratic, yet still beautiful with flowing curves and lines:

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