A Natural Find: Undyed Wool Rugs

If you’re anything like us, you’ve made quite a few changes to the way you live … using less water, shopping more frequently at the local farmers market, and using safer detergents in your laundry.

On top of it, we’re also living simpler lives.  At home, almost everything we own is in neutral colors (yes, we feel right at home at the Brunello Cucinelli store!) because they’re both calming and really practical since everything goes with everything.

So imagine our joy when we discovered that Jaipur has introduced a pretty extensive line of undyed rugs!  Made using wool sheared from roaming sheep, these rugs are super soft underfoot and come in lots of colors, ranging from light grey to bright white, butterscotch brown to soot black. Each is different, just like Mother Nature intended:

Happy, roaming sheep! (Jaipur)

And while they are meticulously cleaned, all these wool rugs are free of dyes and chemical treatments.  So they’re better for the environment, and better in your home.

For our library, where we have dark gray cabinets with oak floors, we’ve selected the Konstrukt Kelle White/Gray Undyed Rug.  We wanted something that would brighten the space, but in a very soft and natural way, so the subtle bits of gray are just perfect.

KT39 Konstrukt White/Gray Undyed Wool Rug

But there are so many other styles to choose from, all of which would work in dens, casual living rooms, bedrooms, and libraries:

Carousel of Products

If you’d love an undyed rug but don’t see your size, EL01 and EL03 are both available in custom sizes.

Would you use undyed wool rugs in your home? Then click here to see more.

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