Product Review: L’Objet Turtle Candle

Beauty, elegance and imagination are embodied in L’Objet‘s unique style, and their stunning and sensuous Turtle Candle is no exception. But what makes this candle so different?  We asked Eve to tell us after she received hers:

L'Objet Turtle Candle
L’Objet Turtle Candle


What were your first impressions when you received the package?

The presentation was beautiful. It was wrapped in a black box with gold trim, in L’Objet‘s signature packaging.


What did you think of the Limoges porcelain exterior?

I was so impressed by the canister. It has the real shape, color, and texture of a turtle shell! Moving your hand across the top, it feels like it really could be one. The intricately painted details and 14k gold edges really make it unlike any other candle.

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How did it smell?

The Pink Champagne scent truly is intoxicating. The candle is very richly saturated, but the fragrance is light and sweet. While slightly floral, the smell was very fresh and crisp, like rain.


Did you light the candle right away?

Of course! I like candles because they make my home feel warm and relaxed, so I lit this one as soon as I got home from work. The scent is very clean and soothing, and within only a minute of lighting the candle, it filled the whole room with fragrance. It was the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.


Would you recommend this candle to others?

Absolutely; I say buy two! It is so beautiful and unique that it makes a perfect gift, and it already comes so nicely packaged. But the minute you see or smell it, you will be glad you got one for yourself, too. The best part is, while it will burn up to 50 hours, the gorgeous box will last years after the candle is gone.

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