Safavieh Oushak: From Skilled Hands to Sophisticated Homes

Since the early days of the Ottoman Empire, Uşak (Turkey) has been one of the most prominent cities for rug production, so it comes as no surprise that the English language adopted the name Oushak to describe these beautiful wool rugs.

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These heavy, hand-knotted Oriental rugs are characterized by elaborate geometric patterns with medallions, vines and leaves woven using very high quality wool.  Colors vary, but they tend toward vegetable dyes in warmer shades of ivory, saffron, cinnamon, terracotta, apricot, blue, green, and gray.


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In the United States, Safavieh has long been one of the leading purveyors of Oushak rugs and a favorite of the interior design community.  Since its founding in 1914, Safavieh’s skilled artisans have been hand-knotting these beautiful, vegetable-dyed rugs. The results are elegant, traditional designs in soft, faded colors that add warmth and charm to any room.

Using muted blues and neutrals, this Safavieh Oushak Rug brings color to a room without overwhelming it.

Safavieh Oushak OSH117A: From $105

In lush earth tones, the organic color pallet of this Oushak combines nature with understated luxury.

Safavieh Oushak OSH144A: From $840

Worn yet welcoming, the simple sophistication of this Rug is compatible with nearly any furniture and decor.

Safavieh Oushak OSH711A: From $2,592

With just the right touch of color, this vibrant Oushak gives any room a warm and cozy feel.

Safavieh Oushak OSH119A: From $105

In a creative, asymmetrical pattern, the neutral colors of this Rug balance the elaborate detail of the design.

Safavieh Oushak OSH422A: From $840

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