Jewels for the Table: Our Top Ten Napkin Rings

We know you’re busy this time of the year, but you still want to set a pulled together table for your holiday parties. What to do? One quick and simple way to add color and whimsy to the table is with beautiful napkin rings.  Here are our favorite ones this season:


Crest Napkin Rings

Garland: $37.50 each


Diamond Burst Napkin Rings

Diamond Burst: $26 each


Bauble Napkin Rings

Bauble: $28 each


Three Rings Napkin Rings

Three Rings: $37.50 each


L'Objet Gold Bird Napkin Rings

Bird: $27.50 each


Holiday Ornament Napkin Rings

Holiday Ornament: $25 each


Christmas Tree Napkin Rings
Christmas Tree: $21 each


Rosso Vecchio Dot Napkin Rings

Rosso Vecchio Dot: $10 each


Bouquet Napkin Rings

Bouquet: $24 each


Pagoda Platinum Napkin Rings

Pagoda: $72.50 each


For more festive holiday napkin rings, visit our store. We also have a great selection of colorful napkins to help you set a fabulous holiday table!

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