Rachel Zoe’s Dinner Party Must-Have: Christofle Vertigo Serving Tray

If there’s one thing Rachel Zoe knows, it’s style. The designer, author, and distinguished fashion icon is recognized for her glamorous aesthetic and high-profile clientele. When she’s not busy running the Zoe empire, the self-described perfectionist enjoys hosting dinner parties at her chic California abode. In an interview with Domaine Home, Zoe shares which entertaining essentials make an at-home meal feel like an A-list affair.

Fashion designer, celebrity stylist, and author Rachel Zoe. Image via Domaine Home.

At the top of her list? The Vertigo collection from luxury silverware company ChristofleLike Chanel and Christian Dior, Christofle is a symbol of elegance and prestige.  And Vertigo, designed by renowned French interior and product designer Andree Putman, is Rachel’s favorite.  Its unique element – a slightly twisted ring –  brings life and even a sense of humor to the otherwise immaculate silver objets. For her picture-perfect party, she relies on exquisite pieces like the Christofle Vertigo Three-Part Serving Tray for flawless food presentation.

Christofle Vertigo Three-Part Serving Tray, $1,150.00. Available at Gracious Style.

Made of glass with silver-plated handles, the Vertigo rectangular tray is sectioned into three parts, so guests can sample a variety of hors d’oeuvres. Just as jewelry completes an outfit, Zoe knows that beautiful dinnerware puts the finishing touches on a well-dressed dining table. She advises, “Take the time to fill glass pitchers with sparkling and flat water, put condiments in charming crystal jars, and place food that comes to the table on chic serving trays.” Follow Zoe’s lead, and your friends will be itching for invites to your next soiree.

Vertigo Champagne Cooler, $940.00

Vertigo Cheese Tray, $500.00

Vertigo Menu Holders, $460.00

Vertigo Cruet Set, $860.00

Vertigo Pastry Stand, $1,150.00

Vertigo Individual Butter Dish, $360.00

To see the complete collection of Christofle at Gracious Style, please click here.

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