[Video] Spilling red wine, ketchup, and more on Garnier-Thiebaut’s Coated Tablecloth

Previously we looked at how Garnier-Thiebaut’s Green Sweet tablecloths can keep off stains like red wine.  In time for the Summer, we got one of their coated tablecloths as well and put mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and red wine on it.  Here’s what happened:

You saw it right — the stains literally just wiped right off.  It’s even easier to clean than the Green Sweet tablecloths.

What’s the difference?  Whereas “Green Sweet” is a patented nanoparticle treatment, the coated tablecloths and placemats have 3 layers of environmentally friendly, PVC acrylic coating woven into the cotton fabric itself to make them even more stain and liquid repellant.  While they are a little stiffer than Green Sweet, the coated tablecloths and placemats still feel like real fabric and don’t have that shiny, plastic acrylic top.

The one you see in the video is the Mille Tingari Austral:

So now that you’ve seen both, why not try it yourself?

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