Cleaning Fine Linens: Ten Reasons Why We Love Le Blanc Linen Wash

One of the questions we are asked most often at Gracious Style is, “What do you recommend for cleaning fine linens?”  And our answer is always Le Blanc Linen Wash.  There are many products out there for doing laundry, but here are ten reasons why we reach for Linen Wash again and again.

Le Blanc Linen Wash

1. It’s safe for luxury fabrics.

The cotton and linen fibers used to weave fine linens are strong and absorbent, but caustic chemicals will weaken them over time.  Linen Wash contains no bleach, no caustics, no enzymes, no phosphates, and no sulphates, so it is not too harsh for fine linens and it will not change the original color of your fabrics.

2. It cleans thoroughly.

Linen Wash has been proven to remove lipstick, red wine, jam and jelly, grease, syrup, honey, blood, fruit juice, cola, perspiration, liquor, baby formula, egg yolk, pet stains, ink, oil, dressings, mustard, tea, cocoa, gravy, tomato sauce, chocolate, and coffee.  As with any cleanser, we’ve found that if we treat our linens right after they have stained and wash them in cold water, it usually takes care of the problem.  If not, treat and wash again before placing in the dryer.

3. It is triple concentrated.

All Linen Wash solutions are concentrated, so you only need 2 oz (1/4 cup) to do a full load.  This means no more carrying huge containers of detergent; a 64-oz container of Linen Wash will last you 32 washes, or around 4 months.  Also, because not much soap is used, your sheets and towels will come out feeling fluffier.

4. It works on antique linens.

We’ve used Linen Wash on antique linens, it works well to brighten and scent them.  We recommend soaking antique linens overnight in a sink with cold water and a capful of Linen Wash solution.

Antique Linens: Before and After

5. It is environmentally safe and the product is not tested on animals.

Linen Wash is biodegradable, contains organic ingredients, and is packaged in recycled bottles.

6. It is energy efficient.

All Le Blanc products are formulated to work in cold water and they are recommended for use  in front-loading and high-efficiency washers.  Of course, you can also use it for hand washing.

7. It is available with pretty packaging.  The Le Blanc Linen Waters make great hostess gifts.  They’re $20 each.

Le Blanc Linen Waters in Silk Petals and Lavender Fragrances

8. We love the scents; they make doing laundry a treat.

Original Fragrance – the best-selling fragrance; it has a subtle floral jasmine scent

Original Fragrance Linen Wash

Lavender – a classic, calming scent for fine linens

Lavender Linen Wash

Blue Violet – subtly crisp violet scent

Blue Violet Linen Wash

Portfolio – an elegant fragrance for men featuring a blend of classic woods and orange blossom with hints of amber and vanilla

Portfolio Linen Wash

Children’s Wash – formulated for fine baby bed and bath linens; allergen-free

Children's Linen Wash

Fragrance Free – perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies

Fragrance Free Linen Wash

9. It is priced right.  Le Blanc Linen Wash costs $34 for a 64 oz container.  This is enough for 32 medium loads.

10. It is available in trial sizes that are just perfect for traveling.  A 2 oz container will do one load and is just $4.

And the back story?  The secret formula was developed many years ago after the owners of a specialty linen shop approached the company’s master chemist because they were having having difficulty removing various types of stains – including dried blood, grease, and lipstick – from their linens.  They needed a product that cleaned effectively, but was not too harsh on their fine linens.

After six months of experimenting and testing, the chemist developed a product that would safely clean all linens. His formula was named LINEN WASH®. The proprietors of the linen shop were astonished with how well it worked, and now, 25 years after it was first introduced, Linen Wash continues to work wonders.  It is only available in finer department and specialty stores, and online at Gracious Style.  We can ship nationwide for a flat shipping rate of $15; many of our customers order these six and twelve at a time.

Do you have any good tips for cleaning fine linens?  If so, please share them with us by leaving a comment.

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