Setting the Table with Kelly Wearstler

When Bergdorf Goodman announced in 2005 that they had hired interior designer Kelly Wearstler to redo their BG Restaurant on the 7th floor, many in the design world were shocked.  She was, after all, from California, and how would her penchant for exuberant designs and fearless use of color translate in New York?  Thankfully, the folks at the venerable department store knew what they were doing, and BG is now one of the most visited spaces in the whole store.

What we love most about BG is that even though it features Kelly’s signature dramatic touches, the use of color is restrained to a palette of yellow (which reminds us of the sun), blue (water), and green (grass), so it actually feels quite natural.  And to further bring a sense of calm to the space, the actual dinnerware and linens selected for the table are quite classic and restrained.

BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman by Kelly Wearstler

BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman by Kelly Wearstler

To us, this is the key to successful decorating: reinterpreting the familiar in new ways, but knowing when to leave well enough alone.

Kelly Wearstler’s dinnerware for Pickard new collections of table linens for Sferra are full of exciting neutrals you can use time and again.  They are clearly inspired by her love of the ocean with a little bling thrown in for good measure.

Named after her estate in Beverly Hills, the Hillcrest napkins feature sea anemones on a soft linen background in charcoal, stone, or ivory:

Hillcrest Embroidered Napkins by Kelly Wearstler for Sferra

Laguna has a subtle wave pattern, also embroidered on pure linen …

Laguna Embroidered Napkins by Kelly Wearstler for Sferra

And then there’s Thistle, an organic design inspired by the thistle plant:

Thistle Embroidered Napkins by Kelly Wearstler for Sferra

For dinnerware, Kelly partnered with Pickard china, the official supplier of official dinnerware for the White House and American embassies around the world, and she created four new collections: Hillcrest, Trousdale, Mulholland, and Pickfair.

They are shown from left to right below:

Kelly Wearstler Dinnerware for Pickard China

And mixed and matched here:

Kelly Wearstler Dinnerware for Pickard China

Hope you’ve enjoyed these!

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