Ten of My Favorite Summer Sale Items at 50% to 75% Off

It can be hard to say goodbye to old friends.  Because every collection you see at Gracious Style was personally chosen for you, they all have a special place with us.  But things change, and eventually some things have to be discontinued.  That’s why each year we have a Summer Sale, where we put many of the collections we’ve loved for years at 50% to even 75% off.

Here are ten of my favorites, before they’re all gone:

The Tudor Pastel Table Linens are our most popular collection of plain, hemstitched table linens in pastel colors of yellow, pink, and green.  We actually went to Italy and met with the manufacturer who made these linens and chose the colors ourselves.  They are very fine and soft and will last you for years; never coarse like lower-quality linens.  These pastel colors are perfect for spring and summer or for baby showers and birthday parties, but because we’re discontinuing them, they’re all 50% off now.

Tudor Table Linens in Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow

If you’re getting ready for the holidays (and it’s not too early!), take a look at the Lancaster Taffeta Tablecloths.  Imagine these tablecloths, in gold, chocolate, or burgundy, topped with with beautiful candles and silverware this holiday season.

Lancaster Gold French Taffeta Tablecloths

Lancaster Chocolate French Taffeta Tablecloths

Lancaster Burgundy French Taffeta Tablecloths

If you need a gift for somebody, and they’re lucky enough to have the right initials, these Block Monogrammed Linen Cocktail Napkins, Block Monogrammed Linen Wine Bags, and Oval Monogrammed Linen Wine Bags make sophisticated gifts at 50% off.

Block Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins

Block Monogrammed Wine Bags

Oval Monogrammed Wine Bags

But who deserves a gift more than you?  The Carlyle, Monaco, and Empire bed linens are made for us in Italy in classic styles with an ultra-fine two-ply Egyptian cotton that makes them feel like silk.  Wrap yourself up in them, and you’ll never go back to those old sheets again.  These bedding collections are 60% off, and we have just a few matching matching towels at 75% off.

Carlyle Embroidered Italian Bedding

Monaco Embroidered Italian Bedding

Empire Embroidered Italian Bedding

Finally, for something very dramatic: Look at these Crest Platinum Napkin Rings, plated in platinum with Swarovski crystals.  Or if you prefer gold, the Bands napkin rings are in 14-karat gold with Swarovski crystals.  If you think the pictures look good, wait until you open the box — they are simply stunning!

Crest Platinum Napkin Rings

Bands Gold Napkin Rings

A Hint for Husbands (courtesy of my husband Si …)

Plan ahead!  All of these would make great holiday gifts for the special someone in your life, so why not take advantage of the sale prices now … instead of paying for FedEx three months from now?

Gracious Style is an online retailer of sophisticated, high-quality products for every room in the house.  We love helping others create warm and welcoming rooms for themselves.  To read more, visit our blog.

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