[Video] Can Garnier-Thiebaut Green Sweet Tablecloths Repel Ketchup and BBQ Sauce Stains?

After my last video, I started to get more curious: How good is Green Sweet’s stain repelling technology?  Sure, it worked on Orangina, coffee, and red wine.  But would it work on tough stains like ketchup and barbecue sauce?

So there I was, squirting Heinz ketchup and Kansas City barbecue sauce right on my Garnier-Thiebaut Green Sweet tablecloth.  Then I put it in my washer, washed with hot water and Tide, and then dried it for seven minutes.  The result — both stains were gone!

The Green Sweet tablecloth kept off both ketchup and barbecue sauce.  You can see it all in this video:

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