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[Videos] Do Garnier-Thiebaut Green Sweet Tablecloths Really Repel Stains?

Previously we’d told you about Garnier-Theibaut’s Green Sweet technology: It’s a nanoparticle coated fabric that repels liquids and stains, just like leaves in nature repel water.

But does it really work?

I tried it out myself with a Green Sweet tablecloth last week.  First, I poured a little Orangina — the last of my bottle — on it.  Then I just wiped it with a paper towel, and voila it came out!
Feeling pretty good, I made a cup of coffee and poured it on.  Then I tried wiping it off again with a paper towel.  Most of the liquid was in fact pooling on top of the tablecloth and came right off, but there was still some stain left at the end, as you can see at the end of this video:
Finally I turned the tablecloth around and poured on some red wine.  (My favorite $3.50 bottle from the Trader Joe’s.)  Then I tried wiping it off with the paper towel again.  And again, most of the liquid came right off, leaving just a little bit off a stain at the end:
Now you might think, “That’s pretty good!”  But it gets better: I put the tablecloth into the washing machine, did a regular cycle on Hot wash/Warm rinse with Tide.  Then I tumble dried it for just 7 minutes on high heat, and I couldn’t find either the coffee or the red wine stain.  Also, just by flattening the tablecloth out a bit, it looked pretty smooth without ironing.
I even went around the tablecloth a few times like this to make sure:
And both stains were gone!
So yes, Green Sweet indeed does work.  If the liquid or stain is pretty light, it’ll just wipe off like it did for the Orangina.  For more concentrated stains like black coffee or red wine, most of it wiped off right away, and the rest washed out pretty easily in my clothes washer.  +1 for new technology!

Click here to see Garnier-Thiebaut Green Sweet tablecloths take on ketchup and BBQ sauce.

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