Where Can I Get the Dinnerware Used at The French Laundry and Per Se?

You’d be surprised how often we are asked this question.  And we are happy to say that you can get Thomas Keller’s dinnerware here at Gracious Style.

Eating at one of Thomas Keller’s fine restaurants – like The French Laundry in Napa or per se in New York – is truly a magnificent experience.  People have flown half way across the world just for that experience.  But he has created a set of dinnerware that lets you re-create the experience at home — if you’ll do the cooking.

Well known for being a perfectionist in the kitchen (his book features some of the most exacting recipes I’ve ever read), Chef Keller is equally serious about the service and presentation of his cuisine.  Like many high-end chefs, Keller wanted dinnerware that are perfectly suited to his style of cooking.  So being the perfectionist that he is, he designed a very refined, all-white collection that lets the cooking speak for itself.  The pieces have an architectural elegance and a pure white color that is only possible with Limoges porcelain, so both lines – the Hommage and the Checks – are made by Raynaud in France.  The Hommage is plain white, while the Checks has a subtle checked pattern.

Raynaud Hommage Dinnerware designed by Thomas Keller

Hommage Detail

Checks Detail

Here is chef Keller’s dinnerware, waiting to be used in the kitchen of per se Restaurant in New York (from the New York Times).  We love that the dinnerware was designed to withstand the rigors of restaurant use day after day, so the entire line is extremely durable.

Kitchen at per se Restaurant in New York – image from “The New York Times”

There are so many great pieces available.  There are plates with round, oval, and square centers …

Thomas Keller Hommage Plates

… oval trays with quenelle indentations …

Hommage Oval Tray with Quenelles

… risotto plates and covers …

Hommage Risotto Plates and Plate Covers

… coffee, tea, and espresso cups and saucers …

Hommage Cups and Saucers

… quenelle dishes …

Hommage Quenelle Dishes

… and many, many others.

And as an added surprise, every piece is stamped with the logo of The French Laundry on the back … an old-fashioned clothespin:

French Laundry Clothespin

If you want to learn more, click here to view the whole collection.  It is very reasonably priced (starting at just $15) and extremely well made, so you’ll get years of enjoyment.

This is an incredible gift for yourself and the epicure in your life.  We hope it’ll help you become an inspired cook!

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