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How Should I Care for my Bath Towels?

We love having stacks of clean, fluffy towels in every bathroom, so we’ve gotten really good at taking care of them.  Here are a few tips for making your bath towels will look fresher, feel softer and last longer.

1) Wash your new towels before using them. This will remove any dirt, lint and other residue, and make them more absorbent.  Before laundering, separate your towels by color (white, light colors and dark colors) to avoid colors bleeding together. Do not use brightening detergents, as they will affect the towel color. Sferra’s Bello towels have a special dye treatment that resists fading.

2) Do not wash towels with other clothing items. Rough and abrasive objects – buttons, zippers, embellishments, etc. – can pull at the pile and fray the towels. Bath rugs can also wear down towels, so always make sure to wash them separately.

3) Avoid excessive heat in washing or drying as it will damage the fibers and increase the shrinkage of the towels. Wash your towels in cold water to help the colors stay bright and help extend the life of the fibers. Remember not to overstuff the washer.

4) Do not use chlorine bleach, as it will weaken the fibers, cause the colors to fade and create a rough, harsh texture.

5) Do not use fabric softeners.  In addition to harming the fibers, many contain chemicals that coat fabric and the waxy build-up will actually repel water and make your towels less absorbent.

6) Use less detergent.  Detergent residue can make the cloth rough. Most bath linens don’t really get that dirty. After all, they are usually drying a clean body. In that case, when washing, consider using about 1/2 of the recommended amount of detergent. The towels will get clean and remain softer.

7) Remove from the washing machine immediately after washing.  Give your towels a shake when taking them out of the washer. This will help fluff the terry loops that aid absorbency.

8) Tumble dry on low heat and do not overdry.  The heat from the dryer will damage fibers.  Do not iron your towels, as this will reduce absorbency.

9) Hang towels to dry after each use. If you find stray pulled loops on towel, cut them off with a pair of scissors. This will not cause any damage to the towel and it will prevent further problems later.

10) Avoid contact with bathroom cleansers and beauty products, such as items contain bleaching agents and may cause permanent discoloration to your towel.

And finally, never dry clean your towels.

We love LeBlanc Towel Wash for laundering our towels. It’s specially formulated to care for your towels, and it comes in four fresh scents.

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