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Easy Does It: Chic Entertaining with Paper Plates and Napkins

We all have our favorite linen napkins and hand painted dinnerware.  But sometimes you have a lot of guests or a crowd shows up for a last-minute pool party (hey, we live in L.A.), and it’s gracious to never fuss when you entertain. 

Those are perfect times to use paper napkins and acrylic.  The good news is that you can still do it stylishly. We love making our friends feel special, so here are a few of our tried-and-true tips for entertaining with paper:

  1. Mix and match your table settings. If your plates have an intricate motif, pick up the colors in your napkins or glassware. Or, if you are using plain dinnerware, choose a festive napkin to commemorate a special occasion.
  2. Layer your settings. Whether you lay simple placemats, or chargers, or a tablecloth underneath, layers help bring color and dimension to your table.
  3. Don’t skimp on table decorations. Try greenery from your garden or fruit from the market or a few candles sprinkled throughout … it all helps.
  4. Use paper napkins effectively. Place them near your beverage and hors d’oeuvre stations, but also use them to line any clear bowls you might have. For example, parfaits served in coupe bowls can be beautifully presented on top of cocktail napkins.
  5. The grand finale: make sure your plates complement your dessert. We all look forward to indulging a little at the end, so think about what you’re serving and dress it up accordingly.

Keeps things simple, and get to work on that new drink you are dying to try out. Let’s get the party started.

Rattan round dark natural placemats, Tortoise flatware, Chinese Ceramic paper plates, and Acrylic cobalt wine goblets
Rattan square dark natural placemats, Acrylic clear chargers with gold rim, Gilded Majolica paper plates and napkins, Bamboo flatware, Acrylic emerald wine goblets
Rattan square dark natural chargers and napkin rings, Snakeskin ivory placemats, Palm Fronds paper plates, Moire napkins, Bamboo flatware, Snakeskin mist coasters

Rattan round white natural chargers, Linen Border robin’s egg paper plates, The Coral buffet napkins, Seahorses and Shell cocktail napkins, Acrylic turquoise tumblers, Acrylic clear wine glasses
Rattan rectangular tray in dark natural, Acrylic clear wine goblets, Bamboo picnic flatware in white, Lacquer guest towel/buffet napkin holder in sage, Bamboo green paper guest towel/buffet napkins, Modern Moire plates in green
Gold leaf lacquer placemats, Acrylic chargers in clear with gold rim, Grosgrain navy paper dinner plates, Bretagne paper salad plates, Weigh Anchor paper napkins, Acrylic clear wine goblets, Acrylic clear tumblers
Acrylic chargers in clear with gold rim, Tuscan Toile paper plates, Acrylic wine goblets in clear, Acrylic clear wine glasses
Rattan round dark natural chargers, Linen Border lavender dinner plates, Moire blue salad plates, Indian Poppy paper cocktail napkins, Acrylic clear wine glasses
Linen Border pink dinner plates, Moire green salad plates, Meadow Flowers guest towel/buffet paper napkins, Bamboo picnic flatware in white, Acrylic clear tumblers, Acrylic clear wine glasses
Rattan round white natural chargers, Chelsea Garden paper dinner and salad plates, Acrylic clear wine glasses, Acrylic clear wine goblets
Rattan round chargers in white natural, Succulents paper dinner and salad plates, Acrylic emerald wine goblets, Acrylic clear wine glasses, Rattan cocktail napkin holder in white natural, Culiko paper cocktail napkins
Spots paper dinner plates, Grosgrain deep orange paper salad plates, Boo paper cocktail napkins, Acrylic clear tumblers
Gold leaf lacquer placemats, Rattan square dark natural chargers, Apples and Greenery paper dinner plates

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