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Great news!  From now until the end of June, all Garnier-Thiebaut table linens and kitchen towels are on sale for 20% off.  Plus, you get free shipping on all orders over $75.

The linens from this well-known French company have been used by the Four Seasons George V in Paris, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva, Le Meridien Bora Bora, and The French Laundry restaurant in Yountville.  Their designs range from classic neutral tablecloths to vividly bright jacquard table runners and wonderful kitchen towels.

Plus, their easy care collection is stain-repellant, so you can wipe away all spills for easy summer entertaining.  To read more about the company’s Green Sweet easy care collection, click here.

Here are a few of our favorite collections:

Eugenie Easy Candy Easy Care Table Linens

Melon Orange Kitchen Towels

Eloise Diamant Easy Care Table Linens

Eiffel Paris Gris Kitchen Towels

To view our full Garnier Thiebaut section, click here!

Traveling with the Next Generation: How to Get the Look at Home

Isn’t it extraordinary when you walk into a hotel that’s so well designed it feels like it was created just for you?  Or when you know instinctively where you need to check-in, or where you could meet friends for a drink after work?  And then, as you walk around, you realize that other people are having the same experience, but they’re speaking Russian?

It’s really hard work to get all those details right, and for them to make sense for very different people from all over the world.  But that’s good design.

Years ago,  I read a book by Isadore Sharp, founder of the Four Seasons Hotels.  And in it he talked about some of the changes he’d pioneered over the years that little by little had created the behemoth it is today.

For example, did you know that he introduced the practice of giving each guest toiletries like shampoo and conditioner (and not just soap)?  Twenty-four hour room service (practically a necessity after those late flights)?  Or twice-daily housekeeping service?  Seems like a small thing, but isn’t it nice to come back to your room after dinner and see that the mess you left behind has all been picked up?

Little by little, each of these innovations have changed how we interact with hotels.  They’re now more than just places to sleep; the best ones deliver full-on experiences ranging from a local weekend away from home to full-on trips with the family to finding a way to connect with a new city while you’re in town for your college buddy’s wedding.

So I was really interested when I saw an article in the New York Times (“Hotels for the Next Generation“) that talked about the newest brand extensions from some of the largest hotel brands in the world: Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt.

Were the innovations in these brands significant?  And if so, how could we adapt these ideas at home?

Here’s what I learned.  The new brands are aimed at the Millenial generation (aged between 18-34 in 2015) and at cosmopolitan travelers looking for affordable, modern spaces with a bit of personality.

Moxy (from parent Marriott) is creating spaces for younger travelers who are very connected in social media and enjoy sharing spaces for work and fun.  For these people, free wi-fi is a must, along with open areas (like those featured in our “Billion Dollar Startup” blog) that allow them to connect with other people.  There’s also a 24-hour self-service coffee bar.

Get the look: Here in Los Angeles, all the new high-end houses have this: large kitchens connected to large family rooms, with disappearing glass doors that fully open onto a huge deck.  So this way, parents can keep an eye on their kids, while guests can feel free to pitch in to help.   Need a cup of coffee?  Make yourself at home; our state-of-the art coffee machine is right there in the corner, and milk and cream are the fridge underneath.  Or help yourself to a beer; it’s all there for you.  Make it easy and fun for everyone to feel at home.

Courtesy Moxy Hotels
Courtesy Moxy Hotels
Courtesy Moxy Hotels
Courtesy Moxy Hotels


Aidan Gray Storage Crate


Dash & Albert Samson Indoor/Outdoor Rug

RabLabs Fim Bookends

AC (also from Marriott) is designed for some of the same people, but these folks are much more design-centric.  The look is very cool: modern, with warm touches of wood, extraordinary lighting, and interesting pieces of art throughout.  This is for the guy who no longer walks around in his college duds; he’s the young agent who’s got his eyes on a pair of Pradas and knows what a Tom Ford suit looks like.  For these, it’s all about clean lines: sofas in neutral colors, curated objects that are arranged just so;  high-tech the whole way.   These places are usually very clean and relaxing.

Get the look: Clean lines and neutral colors are sophisticated and calming.  Try organizing your closet so that all your clothes and shoes are color coordinated.  Swap out your bath accessories for ones in cool shades of white and gray.  Introduce a sense of calm by turning off your cell phone, dimming the lights in your dining room, setting the table, and sitting down to dinner with your family.

Courtesy AC Hotels
Courtesy AC Hotels
Courtesy AC Hotels
Courtesy AC Hotels
Christofle Aria Bagues Dorees Chinese Chopsticks


Kassatex Rivington Bath Accessories

Kim Seybert Anaconda Silver Coasters

From Hilton, there’s a new brand called Canopy.  As the name implies, this is all about a place that wants to take care of you.  In their introduction to the brand, they have a group of cool people drawing out their ideas for a hotel on a blackboard.  So the result is a place that works just for you.  If you’re in Denver, you might find snacks from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a welcome treat.  In the evening, there are complimentary beer tastings, and in the morning, you can have free breakfast at the hotel or on the go.

Get the look: How would this work at home?  Start by asking your family members what they need to be happy at home.  Then think about how you can connect more with where you live.  Can you give a chance to your neighborhood trattoria, so that when your sister comes to visit from out of town, you can take her to a place she won’t find anywhere else?  What kind of stories are there for you to pick up?  The finance guy who’s now making wood bowls out of his garage?  And he’s really good at it, so you’ve brought a few home?

Courtesy Canopy Hotels
Courtesy Canopy Hotels
Courtesy Canopy Hotels
Courtesy Canopy Hotels
Pine Cone Hill Tiki Toile Orange Bedding


B by Brandie Sibyl Bowl
Mario Luca Giusti Palla Fluorescent Pitcher Orange


Do you have any ideas to share about how hotels have influenced what you do at home?  If so, please share it in your comments.


Obsessed with Copper: 14 Ways to Use The Gorgeous New Metal

I’m obsessed with copper.  Sometimes, when you’re putting a room together, nickel is too bright while brass seems too shiny.   In those cases, copper strikes just the perfect balance between something that looks aged but can still bring the room alive.

Here are some amazing ways to use copper in your home:

Copper doors (courtesy Dwellings by Devore)
Copper doors (courtesy Dwellings by Devore)
Courtesy Terrain
Copper lanterns (courtesy Terrain)
Copper hoods (courtesy Society South)
Copper hoods (courtesy Society South)
Copper sinks (courtesy HGTV)
Copper tiles and sinks (courtesy HGTV)
Copper cookware (courtesy Gracious Style)
Copper cookware (courtesy Gracious Style)
Copper floors (courtesy
Copper flatware (Gracious Style)
Copper flatware (courtesy Gracious Style)
Copper dinnerware (Gracious Style)
Copper dinnerware (courtesy Gracious Style)
Copper lights (courtesy
Copper lights (courtesy
copper paper holder
Copper toilet paper holder (courtesy This Old House)
Copper vanity bowls (courtesy Freutcake)
Copper vanity accents (courtesy Freutcake)
Copper bathtubs (courtesy West Country Shutters)
Copper bathtubs (courtesy West Country Shutters)
Copper Outdoor Lighting and Downspouts (courtesy Barn Light Electric)
Copper Outdoor Lighting and Downspouts (courtesy Barn Light Electric)

Inspired?  You’re welcome.

Copper Thank You cards (courtesy Cocorrina)
Copper Thank You cards (courtesy Cocorrina)

Check out more ways to use copper by following our Pinterest Copper Accents page.

Wally’s Vinoteca: The Hottest New Wine Bar in Los Angeles

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The new house we are building will have a wine room in the basement, so I’ve spent a good amount of time looking at pictures of wine rooms online.  Many of them are very old school, the kinds of rooms you would find if you were living in a castle in France.  But since we’re in L.A., I wanted something a little hipper (and friendlier).  I wanted a mix: a room with glass doors and wood elements so that it would be both inviting and timeless.

My architect mentioned that he’d worked with the owners of Wally’s, a well-loved wine store in west Los Angeles, several years ago to design their private wine room.  So he put me in touch with their cellar expert, who shared that he’d recently finished working on Wally’s Vinoteca, a wine bar in Beverly Hills.

I went twice last week, and I was blown away.

Opened in December 2014, Wally’s Vinoteca was the brainchild of Christian Navarro, a kid from Palm Springs who twenty years ago started working with Wally’s founder Steve Wallace.  Fast forward to 2013, when Guess? founders Maurice, Paul, and Armand Marciano bought into Wally’s and brought with them a whole different attitude: yes, deeper pockets, but also a sense that the city was ready for something more exciting.  Christian, for his part, had always dreamed of a place that was more convivial – sort of like the Harrods Food Hall in London – where you could drink something, get a bite to eat, and linger.

Wally’s partners Christian Navarro, Marciano brothers, and Beverly Hills mayor Lili Bosse

The Marciano brothers let Christian run with his idea, and they’ve created a super exciting food destination in Beverly Hills.  The vinoteca stocks 150 wines by the glass, but you can also order a bottle (from their 2,500+ bottle selection) and enjoy it on site.  All the seating in the restaurant is communal, and – this I love – it’s available at different heights.  So if you feel like lingering at a regular table, you can, but if you prefer to swing from a bar chair and face the room, you can do that too.

As you’d expect, the place is serious about wine, with floor-to-ceiling, handcrafted solid wood shelves.


But it’s also very inviting.   The lighting is terrific (love the Edison lightbulbs) and they’ve used lots of natural materials: four-inch Carrara marble counters, reclaimed lumber ceilings, and distressed seating.


The food – a mix of cheeses, charcuterie, and small plates, is served in white bowls or olivewood boards.  All very simple.


Halfway through the vinoteca is their cheese counter.  They also stock breads, chocolates, and jams.


Behind it, there is a game mosaic inspired by the one at Harrods.


And to top it off, we got a private tour of their back room, which included wines from 1901!

Finally, I’ve found a wine room that I can understand: one that does what you need it to do (store wine), but also gets that it’s ultimately about creating a place where you can enjoy yourself and have a good time with friends.

So glad Wally’s is in our neighborhood … you should visit next time you’re in town!

Note: All images courtesy Wally’s Vinoteca.

Like the look?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

RabLabs Bosque Trays

Moser Churchill Brandy Set

Christofle BY Wine Decanter


How to Choose the Right Rug for Every Room in your House

When choosing a rug, always start by thinking about you’ll be doing in the room.  Typically, it comes down to three functions:

1) Entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and mud rooms: easy to clean rugs

2) Family rooms, offices, closets: casual and lightweight rugs

3) Living rooms, bedrooms: thick and plush rugs

After you’ve narrowed it down to which kind of rug you need, here are a few things to consider:


– In the entryway, choose a rug that hides dirt well and is large enough to cover the width of your door.

– Measure your door clearance so that the rug is not so thick that it gets in the way when you open and close your door.

– In the foyer, rugs can be used to anchor a console table, direct your sight lines forward, or add color.  For best effect, leave at least 6-12″ of bare wood exposed on all sides.

Courtesy Mrs Howard
Courtesy Mrs Howard

Living Rooms

– The best rugs visually anchor seating groups, so choose one that is large enough to fit all four legs of your furniture pieces.  If necessary, the rear legs of your sofa can be left off-rug.

– If  you want to leave some of your floors exposed, choose a rug that leaves you with 18″ – 24″ of space between the rug and the wall.

Courtesy Mrs Howard
Courtesy Mrs Howard

– If your living room is very large, pick two or three rugs and lay them side by side.  These can either be identical or complementary.

Dining Rooms

– To make sure that the rug is large enough to cover chairs when they are pulled, choose one that is at least 24″ larger than your dining table on all sides.

Courtesy Suzanne Kasler
Courtesy Suzanne Kasler
Courtesy Honey and Fitz
Courtesy Honey and Fitz

– In a multipurpose room, delineate the dining area with its own rug.  However, if there’s already a large rug underneath, then you can leave the space bare.


– In offices, even smaller rugs will bring in a lot of style.   They’re also great at making work seem more fun.

Take a look at this study room for kids …

Courtesy Sand and Sisal
Courtesy Sand and Sisal

… and at this space for adults.  Don’t the rugs just finish up the rooms?

Courtesy Modernica
Courtesy Modernica


– Stairs typically look best with solid or striped rugs.

– If you have heavy foot traffic, go with a darker color; otherwise, a fun rug can really brighten up the space.

– For an easy solution, start with runners (see our instructions for installing a stair runner here).

Courtesy Centsational Girl
Courtesy Centsational Girl


– Choose an area rug that is at least 24″ larger than your bed on all sides.  This way, you’ll be able to step onto something soft when you wake up.

Courtesy Mrs Howard
Courtesy Mrs Howard

– If you use nightstands, be sure the rug ends at least 6-12 inches beyond the edges.

– If  you want to leave some of your floors exposed, choose a rug that leaves you with 18″ – 24″ of space between the rug and the wall.

– If you have a sitting area, you can use one smaller rug between two chairs or in front of a sofa or chaise lounge.

– Here are some easy guidelines for choosing an area rug for your bedroom:

Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
area rug size guide queen
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha
Courtesy Designwotcha


– Bath rugs are essential for stepping out of the tub or shower.  Pick one that’s washable and large enough to cover the size of your glass door.


– If you have double sinks, matching bath rugs add softness and symmetry to the room.

– Area rugs are perfect for covering up older tile or hardwood.  It’s also great for walking around barefoot.


– Bold area rugs look fabulous in closets.

Courtesy Lauren Conrad
Courtesy Lauren Conrad

Laundry Rooms/Mud rooms/Back doors/Outdoors

– Indoor/outdoor area rugs are perfect for these high-traffic, moist environments.  You can use them to add color and texture to each area, and they are easily cleaned.

Courtesy Mrs Fancee
Courtesy Mrs Fancee

– Outdoors, rugs are perfect for delineating specific areas, like this dining space:

Cleo Moss Indoor/Outdoor Rug

– We also love using rugs to guide guests toward special areas in the garden:

outdoor runner
Dash & Albert Phoebe Indoor/Outdoor Rug

To view all our rugs, click here.

An Oasis in the Sky: Roy Choi’s Commissary Restaurant in Koreatown (Los Angeles)

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When I think of Koreatown in L.A., I am instantly reminded of the sweet, savory, smoky flavors of the all-you-can-eat, grill-it-yourself, belly-busting Korean barbecues. But when our office decided to spice up our weekly meeting with lunch at Roy Choi’s (of Kogi truck fame) Commissary restaurant, we were in for a huge surprise.

Commissary is located at the edgy and unusual The Line Hotel, which from the outside, looks super colorful because of the extra-bright curtains used in each room.

Courtesy Cool Spotting
The Line Hotel Exterior (Courtesy Cool Spotting)

In the lobby – which is meant to mimic a large living room – you’re greeted by a series of round banquettes with a coffee shop at one end and a bar at the other.  So you’re covered from morning to night.

The Line Hotel Lobby (courtesy Cool Spotting)
The Line Hotel Lobby (courtesy Cool Spotting)
The Line Hotel Bar (courtesy Dwell)

But the star of the hotel is located on the second floor, right next to the pool: Commissary, a restaurant designed to look like a greenhouse.  Nestled in the crevices of the surrounding skyscrapers, it was breathtaking.

Commissary (courtesy The Line)
Commissary (courtesy The Line)

In the bar (which was partitioned using old crates), there was a miniature truck like the one Jon Favreau drove in the movie Chef (whose main character was inspired by Roy Choi).  Flooded with sunlight, this magical haven was the opposite of the clamoring, crowded KBBQ hot spots on the street below.


On each table, there was a stack of mismatched napkins and dime-store glasses.  We sat down to snoop through some mail, which actually contained our menus …


We ordered a burger, a French dip sandwich, the shrimp po’ boy, fries, roasted carrots, green tea, and root beer for old times’ sake.


Naturally, none of the plates matched.  Easier that way, plus it made the table much more fun.

The food was good.  Smothered in gooey cheddar cheese (a twist on the classic), and piled high with lean cuts of roast beef, each jus-drenched bite of the French dip oozed with warm, flavorful broth.  The po’ boy was everything this southern staple should be: a zingy-spicy delight, a buttery, crispy creation, and a complete mess.

And the burger was excellent.  The patty was a juicy mix of 80% beef/20% pork; combined with homemade tomato marmalade and zesty horseradish mustard, this was a home run.  We were sorry to leave, but we had to head back downstairs to check out “LA Weekly’s Best Cookie:” the POT cafe’s famous mocha chocolate chip cookies.  Filled with chunks of espresso dark chocolate and topped with flecks of sea salt, these cookies were unforgettable.


Mocha Chocolate Cookie at Pot Cafe (courtesy
Mocha Chocolate Cookie at Pot Cafe (courtesy

We highly recommend Commissary next time you’re in Koreatown.  And trust us when we tell you: it’s OK to eat with mismatched napkins and plates.  It’ll make you feel like a kid all over again.

Like this look?  Check out some of our newest arrivals at Gracious Style:

RabLabs Copo Tumblers

Juliska Amalfi Stripe Napkins

Vietri Aladdin Antique Green Flatware

Inside the Offices of Billion Dollar Startups

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So much attention is given to valuations of hot companies that it’s sometimes hard to remember that just a few years ago, all of these were just a fragment of someone’s imagination.  So we thought it would be fun to check in on them and see: what do you do when you’ve outgrown your digs and need to get yourself some real offices?  And what do the best modern offices share in common?  Here’s what we found out.

They definitely don’t look the way they did in the 50’s …

Courtesy Murphy Assistants
Courtesy Murphy Assistants

… or even what they looked like in the 90’s:

Courtesy NY Times
Courtesy NY Times

Today’s offices are much more open, with space for both focused work and collaborative areas.  They feel like playrooms, and they’re filled with all the best comforts from home, like sofas, rugs, pillows, and fully outfitted kitchens.

Designed by Studios Architecture and housed in the New York’s Empire State Building, Shutterstock’s loft-like offices include plenty of comfortable seating and small breakout rooms.

Shutterstock (courtesy Shutterstock)

If Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters feel like home, it’s because it include replicas of popular listings in Bali, Rykjavik, and Paris.

Airbnb Headquarters
Airbnb (courtesy Architectural Digest)

Although very high-tech, Uber’s San Francisco offices feature lots of natural materials, soft rugs, and comfortable communal seating.

Uber (courtesy Architectural Digest)

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is a powerhouse manufacturer of non-toxic products, but their headquarters are anything but industrial.  They are full of natural light, playfulness (notice the wall of positive mantras in the background), and ready for any babies who visit.

The Honest Company
The Honest Company (courtesy Lonny)

Hulu’s architects, Gensler, spent months researching how the Hulu team works, and they concluded that the average team member spends their day doing 50% focused work, 35% collaboration, 6% play, 5% learning.  So for the company’s Santa Monica headquarters, they designed an open space that allows for lots of collaboration (previously known as playing videogames).

Hulu (courtesy Gensler)
Hulu (courtesy Gensler)

Finally, we have Tory Burch’s offices in Manhattan.  Like her stores and her homes, designer Daniel Romualdez has created a superchic set of rooms oozing with Tory’s style and reminiscent of home.

Tory Burch (courtesy Architectural Digest)
Tory Burch (courtesy Architectural Digest)

Our takeaway from all these offices?  They no longer look like work!

So whether you work alone or in a huge company, just focus on making your office is as inviting and comfortable as you can.  Start by asking yourself the following questions:

– Does it inspire me?  If you’re working on designing a collection of jewelry, could you display pictures of gorgeous movie stars to get the conversation started?

– How can I make the space more personal?  If you love flowers or just feel happier when you see pictures of your last vacation, bring them in.

– Is my chair comfortable?  Could I make it better with a throw or a pillow?  Would I like it better if it were turquoise like Tory’s?

– Is my desk organized?  Could I use a pencil cup, or a tray?

– Could I add a lightly scented candle?

– Do I have separate zones for focused work and meetings with colleagues?

– Do I have comfortable seating for guests who visit?

– Can I easily tilt my computer screen to share something I found online?

– Could I bring the outdoors in?  Can I add plants or sit near a window with a view to the outside?

– Is the lighting right?  If it’s too harsh, can I install dimmers?  If it’s too soft, can I bring in a favorite lamp?

– Does it feel inviting?  Does it have my favorite colors?  Could I add a rug underfoot so it’s plush when I work?

A successful office is one that is seamless, so you never feel like you’re “at work;” you’re simply working on a project that you love.  So shouldn’t it be the best you can make it?



Thursday Sale: Quick-Ship Gifts for Mom

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Still stumped on what to give Mom for Mother’s Day? There’s still time to get some of our best gifts, and best prices, before May 10!

Garnier-Thiebaut Beauregard Galet Tablecloth 75 x 122 Inches

Kim Seybert Agate Slab Napkin Rings in Cobalt

Le Jacquard Francais Gatsby Red Napkins and Placemats

Mauviel M’Cook Cast Stainless Steel 8 Piece Set W/ Crate

To view our full sale section, click here!

Rebranding Our 16-Year-Old Startup

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1999.  The NASDAQ set new highs.  Nokia introduced a cell phone with games and picture texting. AOL’s free CD’s made the Internet the hottest thing.

In Manhattan, a young couple had just gotten engaged, bought their first house, and quit their jobs in finance to start a business together.  They didn’t know much about business, but they loved going to Europe and the gracious, Old World style of entertaining they experienced there.  They thought maybe other people would like it too, so they called their little company “Gracious Style.”

It was slow going for a while.  Luxury brands back then believed they should be exclusive.  You were either born into the Upper East Side and shopped at the right places, or they didn’t want you as their customer.  But gradually, we convinced them, one by one, that the internet wasn’t a bad thing and wasn’t going away, and we had a unique way of showcasing them online to a wider audience.  Along the way, we also learned a lot more about design, through our travels, through working with some of the top talents in the industry, and through renovating and building about a dozen houses ourselves.

Sixteen years and two major recessions later, after many bigger and flashier companies have come and gone, we’ve grown quietly and steadily.  Today Gracious Style works with just about all the major luxury brands in home entertaining.  We’re also older now, and increasingly we’re helping the next generation start their life of entertaining together.

A big issue we face is how that older, gracious style of entertaining we love fits in.  Where do 200-year-old china patterns used by the royal families of Europe fit with today’s hyper-connected, social, mobile, texting Millenials?  Should they be relegated to display cabinets and brought out once a year?  Or should we just put them in museums and be done with it?

We don’t think so.

In fact, we believe that gracious entertaining is even more important now than when we started.  More than ever, we need to hit pause and live in the moment.  We need permanence and history in a world that changes too fast.  We need to savor our foods, talk with our loved ones, and nestle in our beds.  What we do is not just for private jets, yachts, and second-/third-/fourth homes.  It is also for the young couple sharing a loft downtown.  It’s for the executive whose daily quiet moment is her morning cup of chamomile.  It’s for the architect who celebrates his kimchi tacos with all the fanfare of The French Laundry.

We’re not the only ones who believe this.  We’re inspired by — and validated by — the restaurants that are making honest, locally grown food, by resorts like Blackberry Farm and the Aman that take us back to nature, and by the thousands of creative young people who are taking back the old inner cities of Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and even Detroit.  Even though we work with the some of the oldest luxury brands in the world, we feel a kinship with those young, creative people, and we want to make what we do meaningful to them.

So, today we started a partnership with a couple of these young, creative people.  Meet Josh and Aaron of The VHF:

Josh and Aaron of The VHF
Josh and Aaron of The VHF

They work out of an old Coke bottling warehouse in Venice, where they churn out amazing work for swimwear manufacturers, game companies, and musicians (hey, this is LA):

The VHF Venice, CA
The VHF Venice, CA

And what we’ve asked them to do is help us make gracious entertaining relevant to a whole new generation:

Meeting The VHF
Meeting The VHF

Looks like they’ve got their work cut out for them.  Stay tuned!

Friday Sale: New Items Added + Free Shipping

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Lots of great new things on sale!  And for a limited time, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75.

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