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J. Lo’s Big Move: Transporting Style From Coast to Coast

Combining class with sass has always been key to Jennifer Lopez’s signature style. From her glossy videos to her glittering dresses, J.Lo exudes the glamorous life of a true A-lister.

Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 Academy Awards (courtesy

It comes as no surprise that such a star should have a dazzling home to match. With the purchase of a $22 Million New York penthouse, Jennifer Lopez is taking a touch of Tinseltown back to the East Coast.

Jennifer’s New York Apartment (courtesy Popsugar)

The singer/actress recently listed her Los Angeles mansion in Hidden Hills for $17 Million, after buying it with ex-husband Marc Anthony for less than half this price ($8.2 Million!) in 2010.

Jennifer’s Los Angeles Mansion (courtesy Popsugar)

Making a move this big may come as a shock, as these homes appear so dramatically different. But Jennifer’s a woman who knows what she wants. Take a look at how she is translating her style from a spacious West Coast mansion to a sophisticated East Coast apartment.

Keeping her color scheme light and bright, Jennifer took the soft, airy feel of her previous living room…

Los Angeles Living Room (courtesy Popsugar)

And upgraded to hardwood floors, tufted furniture, and a glowing skylight. Swapping the floral artwork from her LA home for an abstract painting, Jennifer’s new abode incorporates a more active engagement with nature through live house plants.

New York Living Room (courtesy Popsugar)

Staying true to her four-post beds and long, luxurious curtains…

Los Angeles Bedroom (courtesy Popsugar)

The bedrooms are updated with more natural finishes. Keeping colors neutral, both homes achieve a rich, layered look through varying textures, materials and shapes.

New York Bedroom (courtesy Popsugar)

While she still loves the recessed lighting, stainless steel accents and open floor plan seen in her last kitchen…

Los Angeles Kitchen (courtesy Popsugar)

Her New York kitchen boasts an even more open-air feel with higher ceilings, sleek seating, and a longer, more functional island.

New York Kitchen (courtesy Popsugar)

One of the most dramatic differences between the two homes lies in the master bathroom. Jennifer loves the free-standing tub and plush sheepskin rug that give the room a luxurious and indulgent feel…

Los Angeles Bathroom (courtesy Popsugar)

But has swapped out the dark paint and room divider for the squeaky -clean look of all white. The floor-to-ceiling glass shower walls visually open the space, while the huge doors and windows fill the room with natural light, lending that California feel.

New York Bathroom (courtesy Popsugar)

While Jennifer is saying sayonara to an enormous, resort-like pool…

Los Angeles Back Yard (courtesy Popsugar)

She is keeping in touch with the great outdoors with a rooftop garden, golf and croquet course, and some spectacular city views.

New York Back Yard (courtesy Popsugar)

Love J.Lo’s new digs? Or do you prefer her sunny spot in California?

Tell us in the comments section!

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Garden Stripe Woven Cotton Rug, from $30

Their wool rugs, like the Gypsy Rose Wool Hooked Rug, are soft, cozy, and great for warming up a room.

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On Sutton Place Blog, September 3, 2012

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So I found a great contractor who came in, ripped off the carpeting, sanded, sanded, sanded, and sanded the stairs down, stained the plywood and painted the risers, then installed the dash and albert runner I picked out.
I love it! So happy.
Here is where we started:
The stairs under the carpeting were in terrible shape. I knew they weren't going to be pretty which is one of the reasons why I decided to put in a runner instead of leaving them barewood. Also, I have 3 rowdy young boys who are up and down these stairs all day and without the runner the stairs were slick. Really slick. I actually slipped and fell on them.
We installed a small piece of moulding on the edge of the stairs to pretty it up a bit.
The landings (shown below) were an ugly particle board that I covered with peel and stick vinyl "wood" flooring. Since they were going to be covered I wasn't all that concerned about it. But I love the vinyl floor and am actually considering putting it in my mudroom now! And at $30 for 24 square feet, you can't go wrong.
The contractor was able to stuff the upstairs hall carpeting into a gap in the floor so the top bullnose shows. I am very happy with that. Of course I would love hardwood in the upstairs hallway, but that is just another thing on my list....
So now I have to deal with the banister. It is a lighter wood which matches my downstairs floors. But of course now my stairs are a darker wood. Originally I had thought about staining the entire banister, balusters,  everything the darker color, but on second thought I wonder if I should only darken up the newel posts? So it looks like the lighter downstairs flooring and darker stairs were supposed to be that way? Any thoughts?

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