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Care and Precautions for Porcelain

Porcelain is a material that is perfectly suited to everyday life. It can safely be put in the dishwasher, which will not hurt the decoration, but give it a radiant shine. Great care must be taken when putting a porcelain dish in the oven. 1400°C fired porcelain can withstand your oven's 300°C, but not thermal shocks. When you take it out of the oven, do not run cold water on it and avoid putting it on a cold surface, lay it on a wooden or material-covered surface, or on a cloth. As for microwave ovens, you must make sure there is no metal (gold or platinum) on the decoration - Raynaud does not today make decorations with microwave-proof fake metal. Only white or color decorations can go in the microwave. Be creative in your use of the various pieces, for instance... a presen- tation plate can be used as a single-dish dinner plate, as a cake plate, a cheese plate... the dessert plate is perfect for an appetizer or cheese, the fruitcake dish is ideal for "pâté" and also "canapés", "petit-fours" and smoked salmon. The soup tureen is today used for soup, "consommés", "bouillabaisse", "pot-au-feu", pasta... all the convivial and generous dishes. Salad bowls are also very practical for pasta, risotto... sauceboats can be used for fruit sauces. Exotic cuisine is very fashionable, and if you don't have a Thai dinner every night, remember that the bowls will look lovely filled with "hors d'?uvres" or sauce, and the cups can turn into sugar bowls.

Belgian Linen, the best linen in the world

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Discover a nice movie about the production process from flax flower to Belgian Linen fabrics. Belgian Linen has earned a worldwide reputation based on centuries of knowledge, local expertise and traditional craftsmanship. The Belgian Linen quality label is an internationally recognized trademark that was created to promote Belgian Linen, which is known around  the world as the finest available.

Enjoy watching the amazing steps in making these fine linen fabrics !

The Hunger Games gets furnished in N.C.

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It's funny how work can creep its way into your personal life. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I'm realizing that after some time in the home furnishings industry you start to see things...

Glazed and Confused

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Nearly a year ago there was a blog post posted about our Majolica Reproductions. I only just found it today! I thought it was a fairly good read and wanted to share it with you! Check is out here: CLICK

I have fallen in love with our Majolica Cobalt Blossom Teapot and Mugs from our Milestone collection. Two very close friends recently mentioned how cute they were and perhaps that's what influenced my sudden affection for them. "Yeah... they are pretty cute. And they're moderately priced!"

English Majolica debuted in 1851 at Prince Albert's famed Crystal Palace and the earthenware was an immediate sensation. English Majolica remains outstanding for its fanciful shapes and brilliant colors. Ours are adapted to more durable and dishwasher safe stoneware.

According the the blog above, "Mottahedeh has been in the business of creating original and historical reproduction china for the better part of 75 years. They specialize in museum copies of blue and white Chinese porcelain export china but have a broad range of products that include crystal, silver and tableware. Their history with majolica goes back to their origins. In the 1950's and 1960's they made original contemporary majolica designs for the giftware market. Given that history, it's rather surprising that they didn't begin their Victorian majolica reproductions until the late 1980's.

Their work is really very good, probably the finest reproduction majolica now available. The company produces a design for a limited period then retires it, making for a brisk market in the collectibles sector. In 100 years they may well command the same prices that Victorian majolica commands today."

Pretty neat, no?

Make it yours!
Cobalt Blossom Teapot (MS4155) - $40
Cobalt Blossom Mugs (MS4131) - $16 each

Selling Linens Out Of Our Trunk…In Style

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Peacock Alley is going on the road with retro cool, selling linens out of their trunk, so to speak. And doing it in style.

Peacock Alley's restored 1977 Airstream named "Steel Magnolia" is changing the way linens are sold.  She (Steel Magnolia) brings the trunk show to your very own doorstep. She may look like a silver bullet--cold and uninviting--but step inside to a haven of soft, comfy textures and soothing neutrals reminiscent of a fluffy feather bed.

The Silver Home Tour is hitting the nation city by city, store by store, giving customers a rare opportunity to learn about the Peacock Alley lifestyle and their wonderful collection of linens. And have a little fun doing it!

Steel Magnolia will visit key Peacock Alley accounts and host parties where guests are given a tour of Steel Magnolia. They will hear more than they ever wanted to know about linens and a history of the iconic company from Peacock Alley's owner Josh Needleman--who can't stop talking about sheets!  Customers can sip an umbrella'd cocktail or two before heading into their favorite linen store to shop for more Peacock Alley.

Josh's brother Jason was happy to get him out of the office. Josh didn't seem to mind a traveling office either.

"We want to promote Peacock Alley's heritage and make it fun, flirty and a little cool at the same time," said Josh. "Just like Peacock Alley's linens, Steel Magnolia is sleek, classic and sexy. The more you use it the better it gets!"

Ultimately, Peacock Alley's plan is to take The Silver Home Tour global. "Right now it's an airstream, next it will be a train, a plane and then a space shuttle," jokes Josh.

"I want to travel the globe converting sleep lovers to Peacock Alley disciples."

Check out The Silver Home Tour in a city near you:

10/01 - 10/02: The Birdcage - Solana Beach, CA
10/07 - 10/08: Ray's - Ridgeland, MS
10/15 - 10/16: Homstead - Hico, TX
10/28 - 10/29: Kuhl Linscomb - Houston, TX

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