Medard de Noblat: Tres Chic Limoges Dinnerware

Have you ever taken an old recipe and added a new, unexpected spice?  Like a pinch of salt on chocolate chip cookies, Medard de Noblat is all about combining the old with the new to create elegant pieces that are both chic and whimsical.

Founded in 1836, this French dinnerware manufacturer takes the art of handcrafted Limoges porcelain and pushes it to new heights, adding unique touches to each collection.  Whether through special shapes or varied patterns, each piece is a revelation.

In classic blue and white, Echappee Belle layers a smattering of designs together to create pieces that stand alone beautifully, but combine in an unexpected harmony.

Medard de Noblat Echappee Belle Dinnerware: From $32

“Ikebana”, the Japanese art of flower arranging, is the inspiration for the bright, organic pattern of the Ikebana Dinnerware Collection.

Medard de Noblat Ikebana Dinnerware: From $30

Creative and whimsical, Amour En Cage has delicate flowers playing hide-and-seek behind golden branches, softening the bold geometric shape.

Medard de Noblat Amour En Cage Dinnerware: From $39

Inspired by the texture of round coral, Corail combines age-old French techniques with a modern design, to create “an immaculate table where fashion and tradition co-inhabit with ease.”

Medard de Noblat Corail Dinnerware: From $30

Unique in both shape and pattern, Fidji brings the tropical foliage of the exotic Islands of Fiji to your home.

Medard de Noblat Fidji Dinnerware: From $40

Fun yet sophisticated, the Une Vie De Chien Gift Set depicts four very stylish dogs, and is sure to delight.

Medard de Noblat Une Vie De Chien Gift Box Of 4 Assorted Dessert Plates: $128



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