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Punk, Studs, and Color: Waterford’s New Rebel Collection

Every once in a while, a collection comes along that just knocks it out of the park.  Jo Sampson, the British designer responsible for developing some of the most iconic interiors in the world (for Hermes, Fairmont hotels, and Four Seasons hotels), was recently tapped by Waterford to create a fresh new line of barware and home accessories.  And the results are stunning!

Jo Sampson

Appropriately named the Rebel collection, Jo contrasted the idea of a punk stud (which she chose for its tough, streetwise feel) with the refined craftsmanship for which Waterford is known.  And then, she combined golden metals with crystal in shades of plum, amber, blush, pink and purple for an edge, cool, nonconformist look that expertly mixes the rough with the smooth.

Jo Sampson for Waterford: Rebel Decanters on Tray (with dog tags!)

The finished capsule collection rocks!  And if you love how the Brits are so good at creating interiors that feel familiar, yet hip, this is what you need in your home.


Jo Sampson for Waterford: Barware
Jo Sampson for Waterford: Home Decor

Are you in love?  Hear Jo talk about Rebel in this video:

Jo Sampson for Waterford: Rebel Collection Video
Jo Sampson for Waterford: Rebel Collection Video

To see the entire Jo Sampson for Wateford Rebel line, click here.  Which one’s your favorite?


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