What Makes Bernardaud the World’s Best-Selling French Dinnerware?

As the largest manufacturer of French Limoges porcelain tableware in the world, Bernardaud  is used to setting worldwide standards for quality and innovative design.

Every piece from Bernardaud is glazed by hand (many are also individually colored) and undergoes anywhere from 15 to 17 stages during production (read the entire story here).  It takes an entire week and more than fifty different artisans to make just one teapot, but the firm’s classics have stood the test of time.  In 2006, this commitment to integrity won the company the “Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant” label, an honor from the French government which distinguishes traditional craftsmanship.

Over the years, the company has innovated by continuously introducing new designs in partnership with artists like Marc Chagall and Jeff Koons.  As a result, Bernardaud china has graced the tables of countless luminaries including Marie Antoinette, and in modern times, New York restaurants Le Cirque 2000 and Cafe Boulud.

Next year Bernardaud will celebrate its 150th anniversary as a fifth-generation family-owned company.  Here are some of our favorite patterns, all of which are perfect for brides and newlyweds.

Classic patterns like Chateaubriand represent the refinement of traditional French luxury:


Bernardaud Chateaubriand Dinnerware

Chateaubriand (5 Piece Place Setting, $490)

Patterns like Fusion emphasizes a modern look while staying true to the brand’s roots in craftsmanship:


Fusion Dinnerware by Bernardaud

Fusion (5 Piece Place Setting, $290)

For a look that is at home in both the contemporary and traditional worlds, Louvre is the essence of a modern classic:


Louvre Dinnerware by Bernardaud

Louvre (5 Piece Place Setting, $130)

Bernardaud has stunning patterns in pure white, but never shies away from a touch of whimsy and rich color. Aux Oiseaux incorporates the decadence of precious metals as well with its gold branches:


Aux Oiseaux Dinnerware from Bernardaud

Aux Oiseaux (5 Piece Place Setting, $475)


For many more Bernardaud patterns view our site.

Planning a trip to France?  Why not see this exceptional artistry for yourself?  Bernardaud offers guided workshop tours at their Limoges factory.

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