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Setting the Table: Celebrating Lunar New Year in Style

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably moved way past the heavily sauced Chinese dishes from your younger days and sampled your share of truly spectacular Chinese food.

Today, Hong Kong and Macau have 82 Michelin starred recommendations. And on our last trip to Singapore, the dim sum at Jiang-Nan Chun (at the Four Seasons Singapore) was out of this world. Closer to home in L.A., Chang’an in the San Gabriel Valley shows us how a new generation of Asians likes to eat: in restaurants that are well-designed, specialize in serving premium food, and can just easily welcome the local family of ten as well as the Gucci/Prada/Lamborghini students at the local college.

So if you’re a fan of this next-caliber Asian food, how do you do it justice at home?  We’ll show you show.  And once you’ve got the hang of it, a Lunar New Year’s celebration, which falls on February 5th this year, is the perfect time to try it out.

1. Start by incorporating red (luck, joy, and happiness) into your table setting.

Kim Seybert Confetti Red Placemat

2.  Layer it with gold, which symbolizes prosperity.

Mottahedeh Gold Lace Presentation Plate

3. Top your plate with an exquisitely detailed napkin … like this one with a dragon motif, a classic in Chinese mythology.

Kim Seybert Imperial White/Gold Napkin

4. Accessorize with a smashing napkin ring; this one reminds us of a spectacular fireworks display.

Kim Seybert Astrid Gold Napkin Ring

5. To the right of each setting, add a sleek pair of chopsticks.

Cutipol Goa Matte/Black Handle Chopsticks

6. Don’t forget nice chopstick rests.

Christofle Malmaison Silverplated Chopstick Rests

7. If you’re serving soup, add a Chinese soup spoon.

L’Objet Gold Chinese Spoon

8. Around the table, add containers for condiments.

L’Objet Swan Condiment Cellar with Gold Plated Spoon

9. Asians take their tea seriously; make sure yours is served hot.

Prouna Chain Coffee/Tea Service

10. And as parting gifts, a beautiful candle to keep your loved ones warm all year round.

L’Objet China Love Candle

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