What’s Softer than Cashmere and Stronger than Wool? Alpaca!

The answer is ALPACA!

These furry little guys are Suri Alpacas, South American cousins of the llama.  Alpacas come in a rainbow of colors, so there are 22 colors of natural Alpaca fleece available, all of which is harvested without harm to the animals.

Alpaca fiber is unique because it is the strongest natural fiber known to man, three to five times warmer than sheep’s wool, and even softer than cashmere!


Image © Alicia Adams Alpaca


We recently met Alicia Adams and her husband Daniel, who are raising a herd of over 85 Suri alpacas at a beautiful farm in the New York Hudson Valley.


Daniel, Alicia, and their children

Daniel, Alicia, and their children


Using the wool harvested from these alpacas, Alicia has designed a beautiful line of  luxurious throws, scarves and baby clothes.

We’ve fallen in love with their classic Alpaca Throw, which is available in over 40 colors, in both solid and  herringbone.


Alpaca Throws


Alpaca wool, known as the “the gold of the Andes,” makes wonderfully warm scarves and hoodies.  Alicia’s Alpaca Cape with Fur Trim is just gorgeous.


Alpaca Cape with Fur Trim


This gift basket is the perfect welcome gift for every baby.  It comes with a throw to swaddle the baby, a hat, booties, a sweater, and pants.


Alpaca Baby Gift Basket


And for fun, give your little one a plush toy alpaca…or a whole herd of them!


Alpaca Plush Toys


Care for alpaca fiber the same way you would for cashmere: dry cleaning is recommended, but you can also hand wash items with a gentle detergent like LeBlanc Linen Wash.

To see all of Alicia’s products, visit our Alicia Adams Alpaca page.

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