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The growing of Belgian flax

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In Ingelmunster a little village nearby our company, in the heart of Flanders, there are plenty of nice flax fields at this period of the year. We have the intention to take on a regular basis a picture of the same field so that you can really “see” this Belgian flax growing. The growing cycle of the flax plant is short : only 100 days between sowing and harvesting. As climatic conditions in Belgium are perfect for growing flax, we hope that we can show you a nice blooming field within a couple of weeks.

The farmer of the field that we will ‘follow’, has sowed the flax seeds in April.
Our first pictures dates from early May when the plant just started growing. At this stage you cannot really see that it is a flax plant. You do can see that the flax plant grows in nice lines. This is the beginning of the growth of an exceptional plant with very valuable characteristics.

On the pictures of early June we already see the stalk of the flax plant which has the unique flax fibers inside. A flax plant of a nice quality has a height of +/- 1,2 metre. So this is just the beginning, the plant still has a long way to go !

When we were at the field we saw a white sign at the border of the pasture which we definitely want to share with you : the farmer makes in his own particular way publicity for linen ! The text on the sign says in Dutch : “Ladies en gentlemen, the more linen in your clothing, the more you will be appreciated !” It’s a very simple but strong way to communicate the value of Belgian linen to passers-by.

Keep an eye on our blog if you’re interested to see the continuation of the growth of this flax plant. More images soon !