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This is the rarest down available anywhere in the world, even rarer than Eiderdown. It is hand collected from wild geese in the Canadian north by Cree First Nations under special license from the Canadian government. We are proud to support traditional practices of the Cree First Nations families with the purchase of this down. The huge down clusters actually cling together like Eiderdown and must be hand sorted. It tests at 700 loft, but since it has the same unique properties of cling and high density like Eiderdown, it insulates as if it were a 900+ loft. This uniquely Canadian down is hand collected, sorted and cleaned in Canada in small batches. We then hand sew it into a beautiful silk cover. This soft, cashmere coloured down is as light as air yet warm and cozy.

St Geneve
Down + Featherbeds
St Geneve James Bay 700 Fill Power Wild Canadian Goose Down Duvet, Silk Cover

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