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Made from 100% cotton woven in Germany. These protectors have a dust flap. (Note that these covers are not allergen proof. An item has to be almost airtight to make this claim.) If putting these covers on to existing pillows, it is recommended that the pillows be cleaned first, to eliminate any existing mites and allergens. These products will help prevent dust mites or bed bugs getting into bedding in the first place, yet they have the wonderful breathability that cotton is famous for. There are no chemical finishes on these products. They are made of simple pure natural cotton that has been specially woven and finished to stay dust mite proof, even through many launderings. This special zipper is self-locking. When the zipper fob is pulled, the lock releases and allows the zipper to be opened or closed. When released, the zipper head automatically locks. This eliminates having to lock the zipper, which is typical on most bed bug covers. When the cover is put onto the mattress, the zipper must be drawn closed tightly. It will lock itself in place.

St Geneve
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St Geneve St. Geneve Allergy Duvet Cover Protector

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