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∙ Completely breathable: Water vapour will pass through this wonderful fabric, but not liquids. Keeps you cool & dry for greater sleeping comfort, and therefore better rest. ∙ Completely waterproof: Protects your mattress from marks & stains; even incontinence. A special antimicrobial fabric finish keeps your mattress clean & hygienic. ∙ Dust mite proof: Impedes dust mites from getting into your mattress. (Please note that if dust mites are a serious concern, an Allergy Mattress Cover should be used to completely encase a mattress. These protectors don't, as they are designed like a fitted sheet. ∙ Easy fit: Made like a fitted sheet to easily slip on to your mattress. Pocket should be 2-4” deeper than mattress depth.

St Geneve
Down + Featherbeds
St Geneve St. Geneve Waterproof Pillow Protector

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