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Reviews for Couzon

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Beautifully designed and very happy with the design and quality. I highly recommend this spreader!
Written by Joseph P. on Jun 30, 2023 about Couzon Butterfly Butter & Jam Spreader
I love these
Written by Karon S. on Jun 27, 2023 about Couzon Lou Laguiole Mixed Traditional Spreaders Set of 4
High quality products.
Written by Jeffery C. on Feb 15, 2023 about Couzon Le Perle Stainless Medium Teaspoon
Exactly what I wanted at a fair price
Written by David K. on Feb 5, 2022 about Couzon Lyrique Stainless Medium Teaspoon
My everyday flatware. Feels very nice in the hand.
Written by Whitney M. on Nov 21, 2021 about Couzon Fusain Stainless Medium Teaspoon
Image one is not what was shipped. Had a rounded bottom to the handle
Written by Frances M. on May 13, 2021 about Couzon Lyrique Stainless Table Knife
Love it, just what I was looking for, feels very comfortable and work perfectly, using it every morning for soft cheese and jam. Excellent purchase.
Written by Dina R. on Apr 7, 2021 about Couzon Butterfly Butter & Jam Spreader
Love the look of these knives. Can’t wait to have a dinner party.
Written by Danni-Lynn K. on Jan 12, 2021 about Couzon Louis Steak Knife Set Of Six
This is a great butter knife because it stays upright and doesn't require a plate just to keep butter off of the counter/table etc. Also beautiful and has great heft.
Written by Maura S. on Jul 30, 2020 about Couzon Butterfly Butter & Jam Spreader
Elegant and sleek silverware set with a nice weight and slim design. I love it!