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Founded in 1975, Downright has built a reputation for creating the finest down and down alternative bedding in America. Downright's produces comforters, pillows, featherbeds and mattress pads in down and down alternative. All Downright products are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Downright offers the following types of down and fill powers: 980+ Fill Power - When only the very best will do, 980+ Canadian White Goose Down is made up of the largest uniform clusters, hand selected from mature, specially bred Canadian geese. This down delivers optimal warmth with minimal weight.
850+ Fill Power - 850+ Canadian White Goose Down is an exceptionally luxurious grade of down, consisting of some of the finest large uniform clusters hand selected from mature, specially bred geese.
800+ Fill Power - 800+ Siberian White Goose Down is handpicked from the most premium, specially bred Siberian geese. This down will provide you with exceptional warmth with minimal weight.
700+ Fill Power - 700+ Polish White Goose Down is made from premium clusters that deliver superior loft and a higher degree of comfort compared to the top offerings of other leading brands.
650+ Fill Power - 650+ Hungarian White Goose Down comes from the finest of mature Hungarian geese. It is exceptionally soft and fluffy; guaranteed to yield pure warmth and pleasure.
600+ Fill Power - The fine down of younger European and Oriental geese. This 600+ White Goose Down is the best in its grade. Soft, yet resilient, this down is a remarkable product that doesn't compromise on the delicious warmth you crave.
Downright also offers down alternative options featuring Comforel, a man-made hypoallergenic product that offers down-like warmth, loft, and softness. Custom mixes and sizes available; please contact us for more details.


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To ensure you enjoy maximum benefit from your Downright product, please follow these simple instructions: Pillows and comforters should always be used inside a cover. Pillows should always have on a protector in addition to a cover. Comforters may be spot cleaned for spills and aired out occasionally. While frequent washing is not advised, down products may either be washed or dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning should only be performed by a company experienced with down products, as dirty cleaning fluid will cause the Down to clump, lose its lofting ability and occasionally develop a mild odor. We recommend washing only in a front-loading commercial capacity washer. No machines with agitators as these are too rough and will tear the baffles, which would void the warranty. Use a low sudsing detergent or a product specifically designed for washing down products. Run through the rinse cycle twice to remove all soap. Place in large capacity dryer on lowest heat setting and dry for several hours. This step is very important, because if down is not thoroughly dried, it may develop mold and odors.