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Our stemware will bring style to your table for special occasions, or any occasion. From fine crystal formal stemware, to casual glass drinkware, we have modern and classic stemware to fit any style. Wine glasses, water glasses, champagne flutes and drinking glasses that will stand the test of time. Fine clear and colored lead crystal from Kim Seybert, Royal Copenhagen, Simon Pearce, Vagabond House, Varga, and Vietri.


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Guide to Choosing the Right Drinkware

Beer mug - Traditional beer containers with a handle; perfect for toasting.

Brandy Snifter - A short-stemmed glass with a large, wide-bottomed bowl and a narrow top designed to concentrate the odors at the top while the hands warm the brandy or cognac.

Champagne flute - Tall, narrow, tulip-shaped glass designed to enhance the longevity of bubbles in sparkling wines. Also known as flutes.

Cordial - Small, stemmed glasses used for serving small portions of liquor; usually used after meals.

Double Old-fashioned - Tumbler with straight sides, suitable for mixed drinks or liquor served on the rocks or "with a splash".

Goblet - An all-purpose shape ideal for water, iced tea, soda, juice, mixed drinks and lemonade with a round bowl to easily accommodates ice cubes.

Highball - A straight-sided glass, ideal for serving many mixed drinks and cocktails on the rocks.

Margarita - Large, round cocktail glass ideal for serving margaritas, daiquiris, and other fruit drinks; broad rim is perfect for holding salt.

Martini - Glass with a V-shape and a long stem designed to prevent the hand from warming the drink. Used for a wide range of cocktails, including martinis, manhattans, metropolitans, and gimlets. Also known as a cocktail glass.

Old Fashioned glass - Short, with a thick bottom and straight sides.

Port - Small wine glasses with a tall, narrow bowl designed to direct the bouquet to the nose.

Red wine - Thin, stemmed glass with a large bowl and a wide mouth designed to allow full-bodied red wines to breathe.

Sherry - Tiny, tulip-shaped glass designed to capture the aged aromas of aperitifs, ports, and sherry.

Shot glass - A small glass suitable for serving vodka, whiskey and other liquors with no other mixer. Also useful for making mixed drinks.

Tumbler - A versatile, straight-sided and flat-bottomed glass in various heights for cocktails, soft drinks and more.

White wine - Thin, stemmed glass with a smaller bowl designed to showcase the sweetness of white wines and concentrate their aroma.

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