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J Seignolles

In 1825, François Baignol set up “La Fabrique” on the edge the Brigueuil Forest, founding one of the first porcelain manufacturers in that area. In 1962, Henri Seignolles acquired the business and made significant investments to transform it. To accommodate the acquisition of a new high firing tunnel kiln in 1976, J Seignolles moved to Limoges, where it still is today. Thanks to its high firing techniques, J Seignolles became the first manufacturer in Limoges to craft long-lasting porcelain decorations guaranteed to be dishwasher safe. In 2008, J Seignolles was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label by the French goverment, in honor of the skilled hands that have lovingly crafted its products over the centuries: hand painting, inlaying, sanding, burnishing and designing fine china.

Arborescence 5-pc Setting (Special Order)
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Arborescence 5-pc Setting (Special Order)
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